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Clairvoyant Spiritual Analysis
Master Level
 In ancient times, seekers on the path of the light would travel all over the world for teachers who could help them along their journey to enlightenment.  When they found a true teacher, they would often leave their old lives, sell all their belongings, and work with that teacher for the rest of their lives.  That level of devotion to one teaching is a thing of the past.  For that matter, modern humans no longer devote themselves to anything for more than a few years. Jobs, relationships, family, and even self-care are things that are often abandoned in service of fleeting emotions and confused spiritual aspirations. Real spiritual growth requires time, patience, and most of all, focus on one path. 
When one focuses, over time, the path yields much fruit.  In order to determine where you are on your path, one often needs an assessment.  It is very difficult to examine one’s self. Only teachers can provide that. A few years ago, we offered a spiritual assessment for a lucky few.  The process was a resounding success. We still have people from all over the world asking when we will offer this service again.
We feel that it is time to offer this service again. Each assessment will focus on one individual.  We will spend three hours together and examine a number of areas:
Overall level of Spiritual Development
Spiritual Goals and Aspirations
Efficacy of The Aspirants Present Spiritual Regimen
Guidance on setting up a new regiment and/or adjusting the old regimen
Assessment of Psychic Ability
Examination of Spiritual and Emotional Blocks
Degree of Light Body Development
Guidance on the use of spiritual tools, tablets, and practices
Advice on the use of specialized new tools and practices
Over the last few years, Acharya and I have advanced greatly in the use of our psychic and clairvoyant senses. We can see and do things now that we could not years ago.  The break has been nice, but we feel that it is time to offer our services once again.  We will provide this service for a limited time. We don’t know how long that will be.  We have not provided this gift since we moved into our new space.
The assessment will last for three hours and we will both spend time helping the aspirant achieve a new level of consciousness.  This offering is limited and we do not know how many people we will offer it to. 
Please call 336-393-0300 to book your appointment. 
Price: $6,000.00


(No reviews yet) Write a Review