Angeljinn Ring Of Power

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Angeljinn Ring Of Power


Very Rare

We visited one of the best spiritual shops in the whole world last week. Owned by Mr. Hajiid Aman, this shop has the rarest and most profound spiritual items in the world.

I was immediately attracted to one area of the shop that glowed with goldish yellow white light. Mr. Amanda’s son asked me to remove my shoes before entering the area.
The area contained items I had never seen before. One particular group spoke to me through my Inner Vision. I thought that the light beings in the rings were djinn. I was quickly corrected by the group of beings speaking in unison. “We are not Djinn!!! We are Angeldjinn!!!” I had never heard of such a race, but I quickly learned that on rare occasion, Angels and Djinn mate and bear powerful children. They willingly come into the world through these holy vessels in order to help provide mankind with a rare form of celestial power and guidance. They have created these rings as vessels through which their power flows.


We have 5 rings.


Sizes of Rings Available:

3 - Size 8.5

1 - Size 7.5

1 - Size 8


Original Price: $1500

Sale Price: $600



(No reviews yet) Write a Review