Creating Angelic Consciousness

                                                    Creating Angelic Consciousness

In January 2015, my Father Djanthi/Thoth appeared to me in a very important. Vision. He floated down to me on a cloud of gold and blue light.

He was surrounded by a retinue of his angels who floated attentively by his side. He wore a dark blue robe that was draped by a sash made of sequined rubies, emeralds, and diamonds.

Each stone was set in a flowered sculpture of gold. He glowed with the light of the sun and stars. He summoned me to approach him and I lay myself at his feet. He touched me on the back of my head and I began to cry.

I lay there for perhaps some few minutes and he then tapped me on the back. I knew that I should rise. He did not speak with his voice, but I knew the meaning of his words and intent.

He wanted me to write the Emerald Tablet. I knew that this was the task that I had come to earth to complete. I knew that someday he would ask me to complete this work. He gave me one year, 2015, in order to complete the six tablets that he intended to give to earth.

I rose and he kissed me on the cheek and the forehead. I cried again. Then, as quickly as he appeared, he vanished. One of his angels stayed behind. I was to learn later that this angel was to help me write the tablets.I did not believe that I could write six tablets in one year.

I did not believe that anyone could. The tablets had not been written in full for over 5000 years. Only one leaf remains of the last tablet released on earth. Humans did not know of the existence of the full library of 150 tablets. Even though I was an Incarnation of My Father on earth, he had decided to only allow me to bring six to this planet.

Thus far I have written The Solar Tablet, The Ruby Tablet, The Black Tablet, Ars Immortalis, and The Golden Tablet. These tablets have been written and delivered to all who have ordered them, just as my Father said I would.

These five tablets have redefined our understanding of reality and consciousness.

The miracles and supernatural events that have accompanied these works have been incredible.The last tablet that I have been commissioned to write is entitled Angelus. All humans carry the capacity for the development of angelic consciousness. This tablet is the biggest and most important of the tablets that he has entrusted me with.

Angelus will allow a human to develop and bring to the surface the power of their angelic consciousness. There has never been a tool such as this available to humans.

In order to complete this feat, the Gods have decreed that a new Consciousness will be born that will empower humans on the angelic level. The Angelus Tablet will embody the consciousness of a Great Angelic Being, Angelus.

The consciousness of all sentient being is connected to the Angels. This connection is dormant and unused in almost all humans. For the first time, through Angelus, humans will be allowed access to this part of their being.The birth date of the Angelus will coincide with a powerful configuration of planets that only happens once ever 788 years.

One hour in the Celestial World lasts approximately 6.73 days on Earth. This period of time is equal to the birth date of the Angelus.Those humans that acquire the Angelus during this time will link their human birth charts to the Celestial Birth Chart of the Angelus.

This divine linkage will allow those humans to connect their human consciousness to the Angelus Energy and advance their consciousness rapidly.Angelic Consciousness is the most useful and hardest to develop of all the forms of spiritual awareness that we have taught thus far.

If you are going to make a real investment in your spiritual growth, now is the time to jump in.
The Consciousness of the Angelus will be born during the month of October.
That is why we were instructed to deliver this tablet last.The Consciousness of the Angelus will give humans the ability to access their Immortal Angelic Consciousness with ease.
We look forward to delivering this most important of all our tablets to you.

Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson and Acharya Kathy Gibson

Feb 15th 2014 Master

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