Dragon Egg (medium)

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Dragon Egg (medium)


I was headed to a sacred temple I visit every time I go to Thailand. On this journey we came upon a small community that we had to pass through. As we are walking through the village, I noticed a smaller lady with a huge sledge hammer repeated hitting a stone that was egg shaped. As she began to chip away at what looked to be a shell, a small emerald like gem fell from the egg shaped stone.


I stood there in amazement as she repeated the process four times. I interrupted her before she could get the 5th one on the special holder she had. I leaned over and said, "excuse me ma'am what are those?" She replied in a very broken english, "Dragon eggs." She began to explain that under the heat of the mothers' body these rare stones become dragons, real dragons!


After moments of talking with her I learned that if you place these stones in a glass of water you take on dragon energy and consciousness.


Due to our limited ability to travel, it has been very difficult to find more authentic dragon eggs. After a long search, we have been able to secure 12 medium dragon eggs from an excellent source. We have a very limited supply and may not be able to get more in the future, so be sure to act fast if interested. 


Price: $2000


Instructions of use: Place your dragon egg in a glass of water each morning and leave it for at least one hour, following drink the water. You may also place the stone on your spiritual altar when not in use. Do NOT consume the stone. This will help transfer the energy of from the egg to you. 



(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    Posted by Meira OraLee Atarah on Sep 12th 2021

    GREETINGS of Peace!! In one more month it will be a year since my last review and that long since I've been using My Dragon Egg. I can happily say that that I use my egg and take with me when it calls me just about everyday. I sleep with it sometimes under my pillow. Moreover, I drink my Dragon Water almost every morning as well. In addition, I use it with my psychic readings. I can hear The Dragon Energy calling me almost all the time. Then it will let me know to put it back on my alter. I noticed my intuition has heightened. My Clairvoyance is even more sharper. I don't feel drained when I am serving others. I feel more energetic every time. The Dragon eggs knows what I need and Its done! Truly thankful for this powerful, strong connection I've built with my Egg and will continue to do so. Truly Grateful For this beautiful Rare Treasure of Power, MAGIC and Protection . Thank You Masters

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    They call you to Them...

    Posted by Meira OraLee Atarah on Oct 5th 2020

    Greetings Of Peace Family, I heard the dragon eggs called for me when I first entered into The Prima store. It all came clearer after my talk with the Masters that day. After I received my divine beautiful blessings from the Masters, I heard LOUD & CLEAR “get a Dragon Egg” so I knew I couldn’t ignore it any longer. Plus I just finished talking with mother & father about my surrendering to My Oracleness. So I informed my beautiful sis, Shelly-Ro, that I needed to get one of those Dragon eggs! She pulled them out an placed one huge one in my hand, the energy was beautiful, although I paid attention to the red one my eye kept eyeing. Then myself and Shelly noticed how my head & body would sway, saying no to all the other ones, except for the red one. I picked up the red egg and my head went yes!yes!yes! This one! The energy was extremely beautiful!! It felt like a bond!!! And it also felt like we’re happy together

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    Dragon Consciousness

    Posted by Carlos Freeman on Sep 11th 2020

    Wow! I've been using this product now for 6 days and the world has changed for me. My world perspective has changed. The world seems like a video game that I'm not supposed to be a part of. The veil of the illusion is lifted with this product. Dragon consciousness and energy are being slowly leaked into my consciousness and I experience the changes on all levels. The egg is a must have.

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    Dragon Powered Drive!!!

    Posted by Shelley Ro on May 6th 2020

    I just completed a thirteen hour, 800 mile drive. After just sitting with my dragon egg for a few minutes, I felt waves of energy. I started out on my trip, stopping around 1 am. The first 5 hours were marked by a thunderstorm and a traffic jam. I usually take a break after the first 6 hours but was able to drive 7 fully awake (Only stopped because it was the last major truck stop for another 3 hours) After resting for about an hour, I woke up ready to go and drove straight through for the last 6 hours in great time. I was also slightly worried about driving under current COVID restrictions but I had absolutely no issues. Can’t wait to put my dragon egg to proper use and see what happens next! Thank you for bringing this gift to us.