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Annual Pendulums Sale! 
TYBRO Energy Pendulum Package
Available until June 30, 2021! 
The Solar Talisman of Amun Ra
The Talisman of Amun Ra empowers the aura, soul, and the human body with magical solar power derived directly from the Eye of Amun Ra.  The carnelian stone placed in the center of the talisman is empowered with the ability to connect with the God Amun Ra. 
The more you use this tool, the larger and more powerful your aura will become, your magical body will grow in size and power, and your ability to connect with the solar deities will increase.  There is no limit to the amount of solar magical force you can draw from the God Amun Ra.
This talisman is effective when used alone but its power is increased when used with The Divine Solar Magic Tablet,  Ars Immortalis, The Solar Gods, and Solaris.
The Gods of Light Pendulum
The Gods of Light energy pendulum is designed to connect you to the power of all the gods of light.  The proprietary design of the pendulum allows it to absorb light energy from a candle, flashlight, the sun, lasers, and even the stars.  Specific incantations included in the instructions are required for this charging process.  This pendulum uses this stored energy to grant you energy from the greater sun and the gods of light.
Other incantations provided with the pendulum allow you to treat yourself and your ancestors in up to six dimensions of reality. You may treat and heal past life trauma, illness, free yourself and others from hell domains, evolve and energize your lower and higher bodies, cut undesirable energy cords, remove demons, and energy parasites, and add the energy of the gods of light to your soul.  You may also set up future life energy forms that you may benefit from with this pendulum.  This pendulum is also excellent for treating the dream body
The Healing Spell Energy Battery
When used with the proper incantations, provided with the battery, you may store and transmit the power of up to 100 different healings spells to yourself or others at one time.  When laid upon the sigil of a healing spell, the battery may also greatly amplify the power of the spell.  This battery draws power from a supergiant star when in use and thus spares your body from being drained during healing work.  The aura of the battery also protects the healer from attack, drainage by energy parasites, and demonic forces.  The battery is also an excellent source of power for working on difficult chronic spiritual and magical conditions.  This battery is large and heavy and should not be shared with others. 
Instructions for use are included with these pendulums. They are large and heavy and a large gold plated chain is provided with each item.  Do not get the pendulums wet, do not wear them against your skin, do not wash them, and do not allow others to wear them.
Price: $2500 ($3000 value) 


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