High-Energy Personal Radiator - Archangel Tarvannolax Radiator for Cancer

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High-Energy Personal Radiator - Archangel Tarvannolax Radiator for Cancer


The High-Energy Personal Radiator is a way for you to carry a radiator on your person. These radiators are pendants made of semi-gloss metal. They are silver plated and nickel free. The images of the radiators are embedded into the metal allowing for increased energy. Each personal radiator comes with a FREE Prima charge. The pendants also include a FREE 18" silver chain. Pendants are about 1" in size. 


The Tree of Death supports the energy of the twelve leading causes of disease, disability, and death in our domain. It’s energies are carried into our world by the Demons who position these energies in our genes and in our consciousness.
The 12 Holy Agents of The Tree of Life were created to counter their energies and actions in the world. This is a radiator that posits the energy of one of these Archangels and protects us from an important cause of death and suffering. The radiators that we provide here are based on a hidden ancient formula given to man by the Holy Angelic Agents known as the Tshidera. These angels protect man from the twelve most important causes of death.  Without them, mankind would not exist. 
They are:
Athanpoli- The Angel that protects against heart disease
Tarvannolax- The Angel that protects against cancer
Azvblangeodcha- The Angel that protects against unintentional causes of death
Avtogamado- The Angel that protects against chronic lower respiratory disease
Aolzichapalco- The Angel that protects against stroke
Chaxvo- The Angel that protects against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Hadhodan- The Angel that protects against diabetes
Elotaplasvolgi- The Angel that protects against influenza and pneumonia
Blabalo- The Angel that protects against kidney disease
Canneblodanzen- The Angel that protects against suicide and mental illness
Deriedexanel- The Angel that protects against violent death, murder, and crime
Hedranxenel- The Angel that protects against accidental death and catastrophes
These personal radiators blanket the body, soul, and aura in a protective layer of divine force that inhibits the action of the demons of the tree of death.  This protection slows their actions and makes it difficult for them to reach you. We do not guarantee that these protections will prevent your death from these causes, but they will greatly impede the flow of the death forces around you.  This impedance combined with prayer, proper diet, meditation, and healthy living habits could greatly extend your life.  These agents will watch over you day and night and you will be protected in a way that has never been possible before.


These radiator pendants are made on demand and take about 2-3 weeks before shipment. 


Price: $199.99


*NOTE: Image in photo is not the actual radiator




(No reviews yet) Write a Review