High-Energy Personal Radiator - Mbdende Current Receiver

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High-Energy Personal Radiator - Mbdende Current Receiver


The High-Energy Personal Radiator is a way for you to carry a radiator on your person. These radiators are pendants made of semi-gloss metal. They are silver plated and nickel free. The images of the radiators are embedded into the metal allowing for increased energy. Each personal radiator comes with a FREE Prima charge. The pendants also include a FREE 18" silver chain. Pendants are about 1" in size. 


The Mbdende Current is one of the most powerful wealth generating currents in the universe.  It radiates from a large kimberlite volcano on the planet Mbdende in a dimension very close to our own.  The volcano spews diamonds, gold, and platinum several miles into the atmosphere above the planet.  The force of the eruption is so strong that it radiates its power for billions light years in its home dimension and beyond.  The energy of the current spreads to many planets along the path of the flow. Our planet receives the energy via large super volcanos and kimberlite volcanos in various parts of the world.


The Mbdende Current Personal Radiator radiates from the middle of the remnants of this supervolcano.  The receiver collects the energy particles from this ancient caldera that spread out over the world.  The energy of this current has helped Hong Kong become one of the richest cities in the history of the world.  Placing this receiver on you will help you collect and use these particles.  You will attract this wealth more easily and it will help with health, happiness and prosperity. 


These radiator pendants are made on demand and take about 2-3 weeks before shipment. 


Price: $199.99


*NOTE: Image in photo is not the actual radiator



(No reviews yet) Write a Review