Higher Dimensional Light Recharger

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The Higher Dimensional Light Recharger


We are aware that many of you have one or more medallions and use them daily. While they are powerful items, they can be charged to be me more effective. We have created an 8-layer divine light charging system to infuse your medallion and other spiritual items with pure, clean spiritual power. The four outer rings of the radiator serve as the charging stations for medallions, rings, pendants, bracelets, stones, etc. Using this device, you may charge yourself with up to four of your amulets, medallions, or pendants at one time.  This is great for doing higher dimensional work during your meditations and dream states.

The inner ring in the center is designed to recharge the physical body to increase one's life force. One simply needs to place a hair sample on this central ring to receive this energy. This aspect of the radiator can be used to charge yourself or others. Items must be placed on the outer rings of the radiator for a minimum of 12 hours to receive an effective charge. DNA samples on the center ring can be placed there for up to six months. We now have a way to keep our items full charged and cleansed.



The image above demonstrates the recharging and infusion of the medallions and spell holder with the tablet beneath the recharger. This process will need to take a minimum of 1 Hour.



The image above demonstrates the creation of a healing oil. Place your healing tablet or medallions under the recharger  or on the outer circles if they are medallions. Next place a bottle of olive oil in the center circle. Allow to charge for a minimum of 1 Hour.



The image above illustrates the infusion and recharging of the person and there staffs.Place the tablet beneath the recharging device. Next place your staffs, rings or medallions on the outer rings. Once you have done that you can place your picture in the center.  Allow to charge for a minimum of 1 Hour.



The image above demonstrates infusing rings, medallions, and the person with the energy of the tablet beneath it. Allow to charge for a minimum of 1 Hour.




Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your item as they are made by order.


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Price: $1,200.00


(No reviews yet) Write a Review