Love, Sex, and The Magical Currents Webinar Master Class (AUDIO ONLY DOWNLOAD)

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Love, Sex, and The Magical Currents Master Class Webinar



Humans have been misled about many things in their existence, but the biggest lie we have been told revolves around the nature of sex.  We have been led to believe that sex exists for two reasons, making babies and pleasure.  Yes, sex feels great and it is the main way that we reproduce, but that is only part of the story.
We have never had a real conversation about sex and relationships.  If we are going to evolve, we have to lift all the veils. Sex results in pregnancy less than five percent of the time in a young healthy couple. 
We actually use less than one percent of our sexual potential during a normal lifetime.  Men make trillions of sperm during life, but we never use more than a few of them for reproduction.  Women carry thousands of eggs, but never use more than a few for reproduction. 
We are taught that orgasms deplete the body of energy, but research shows that people who experience at least 21 orgasms per month live longer than those who do not.  Frequent orgasms have been shown to protect men from prostate cancer, hypertension, and stroke. 
Women who experience frequent orgasms have improved circulation, improved fertility, reduced anxiety, healthier skin, improved immunity, and greater cardiovascular health.  All of this data flies in the face of ancient lore that chides us with shame and guilt regarding all forms of sexual pleasure.
In our ancient past, mankind did not use sex as a primary means of reproduction.  The Gods placed humans directly into the womb without the need for sexual reproduction.  Religion, war, disease, and rebellion pushed us away from divine creative reproduction.  However even today, millions of women all over the world still report pregnancies that occur despite the absence of sexual contact with men.
The Ambient Magical Energy transmitted through sex is only partially sexual in nature.  It can cure disease.  It can cause disease.  It can create wealth.  It can destroy wealth.  It can increase magical potential.  It can destroy magical potential.  The Magical Currents transmitted during sex have a great deal more potential than you have ever been taught.
Sex feels great, but it was not designed simply for pleasure and reproduction.  Those truths are simply meant to distract you.
The entire human race has forgotten the purpose of sexual energy.  
The Love, Sex, and The Magical Currents Master Class is designed to help you unlearn ancient bad thoughts habits and return to your rightful understanding regarding the vast and secret potential of the energy that creates and sustains us daily.  We all have it, we were never taught to properly use it. 
Until now.
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review