Mother of Feldrakan - Flame of Power Ring

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Mother of Feldrakan - Flame of Power Ring

The Dragon Feldrakan is one of the most famous of all the celestial immortals.  He has lived for thousands of years and he is more powerful than all our superheroes combined.  He is a protector of earth and is one of the wisest beings in the universe. 
The Dragon Feldrakan was born during the mating of two Elder dragons. As they mated, their fire was brought together into one powerful flame. When the dragon Feldrakan learned to draw upon the power of his fire, he called upon the memories of the flame of his mother and father. This ring holds the power of the flame of the mother dragon. It is empowered to help focus your higher emotions into energy.
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Available rings: 
2 - Size 10
Price: $500 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review