Signs of Psychic and Spiritual Ability

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Signs of Psychic and Spiritual Ability is the second in the Signs Series of books based on Dr. Mitchell Gibson's research in the exciting field of Modern Astrology. In this edition, Dr. Gibson outlines a new astrological method for exploring psychic and spiritual potential in the birth chart. This book shows the reader how to look at the birth chart and identify major marker aspects that reveal unconscious spiritual potential. 


The charts of Edgar Cayce, Olga Worrall, Gladys Leonard, Sybil Leek, Joan of Arc, Rasputin, Uri Geller, and Peter Hurkos are among the more than 200 Birth charts used in this study. The research shows conclusively that the birth charts of famous psychics and spiritual leaders are filled with marker aspects that depict future greatness. General psychic ability, mediumship, mystical ability, and healing potential are explored in great detail in this book. More than 20 astounding spiritual events are included in this study that further outline the power of these markers. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review