The Abraxax Medallion

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The Abraxax Medallion



Abraxax is the earliest known form of the God Djanthi Thoth. In Ancient Egypt, He was the Creator God and guided early man to higher civilization. Abraxax is the name given by early Gnostic Christians to denote the embodied Form of God. In the language of the Gnostics, God represents fullness. God is the source of all being and form. If a God were to materialize in the temporal world, we would have to give him a conceptual label and name. Gnostics gave this Label the name Abraxax.


Abraxax can provide us with a definition of God for the future. It will be as if Abraxax far from being a forgotten idea of the past was really a powerful and correct interpretation of God, waiting for the right moment to emerge and become more widely known again.


We met the God Abraxax about two years ago. We studied him and recently he revealed himself to Be one of the most ancient Egyptian Gods. He has helped us in many ways with our business, health, and manifesting money.


This invocation was spoken into existence by both Acharya and Myself. It combines the Spiritual Power of two Masters to invoke The God Abraxax into your life. The power that he brings is real. We have witnessed it. We hope you will try it for yourself.


The Abraxax Medallion helps you connect with the full power of The God.  You will feel his presence more acutely and when you say the invocation while wearing the medallion, you will feel his protection.

More about The God Abraxax



Throughout the various beliefs associated with Abraxas, he was often described as having the head of a lion or in some cases a cock, which at times bore a royal crown, along with a dragon's tail, and serpents in lieu of legs. There are many interpretations attached to the word “Abrasax”. 

According to the “Basilidians”, he was the Supreme God, for the Greek letters that forms his name adds up to the number of 365, which according to their beliefs in turn corresponds to the number of days in a year. Each day of the year according to the Gnostics, represents a “circle of creation” which in turn has its own individual spirit assigned to it. Basilides was a Gnostic Christian teacher from the second century CE who taught in Alexandria Egypt. 

It is thought that when Carl Jung wrote his “Septem Sermones ad Mortuos (The Seven Sermons to the Dead) , he was in effect, paraphrasing Basilides. His treatise is in effect a three-stage development of God as understood through the eyes of humans. Very basically these three stages begin with god as a single entity who then transforms into a separation of god and devil, which then becomes a unified entity of both god and devil. The Basilidians also believe that it was Abrasax who sent Jesus Christ to do his bidding here on earth. 

The word Abraxas was the name used by the Gnostics to denote the unspeakable name of the Supreme Being. This is a practice found in other belief systems such as the Judaic practice of using the term “Yahweh” as a term for the unspeakable name for their god. 

It is established knowledge that the word Abraxas (Abrasax or Abracax) was often found engraved on certain gemstones, which were called Abraxas stones. These in turn were used as amulets or charms. Such stones contained the name “Abraxas” and/or other mystic figures and/or groups of letters. 

The initial spelling of the word as seen on the stones was "Abrasax". According to Gnostic cosmology, the seven letters spelling its name represent each of the seven planets, which within the Gnostic belief system are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The word Abraxas is thought by some to be the origin of the word “abracadabra”, though this word also has other sources cited as being its origin.



NOTE: Do NOT curse, drink alcohol, or make love when wearing or using this item. Also, do not get it wet. If you do not follow these guidelines, this tool will begin to lose it’s power or even work against you. If already done so, say a prayer and apologize to the Gods and you will be forgiven.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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  • 5
    Protected and Powerful

    Posted by Meaghan Perrault on Feb 17th 2021

    I really resonate with this medallion. I feel protected, and energized by it. I pair this medallion with The Invocation of the God Abraxax and it's a very powerful experience.

  • 5

    Posted by Carlos Freeman on Sep 10th 2020

    Negativity seems to flee the sight of this medallion. It is powerful and doesn't drain my energy. Incredible tool!

  • 5
    A lucky charm

    Posted by Arthur Lewis on Aug 17th 2020

    This is a powerful medallion. I kept it in my pocket all day then placed a sports bet. I bet $300 and won $6k. Thank you GOD ABRAXAX! SMIB!

  • 5
    Thankful for this Tool

    Posted by Kelvon Barkley on Jul 29th 2020

    I've known that Abraxax is my father since 2017. He has been on my alter since then but I did not hear him speak to me until I got this Medallion. I am so thankful for the connection this Medallion has provided for me. We talk often in meditation and he has so much wisdom and so many answers to my questions. Thank you!

  • 5

    Posted by Rudy on Nov 13th 2018

    Beautiful medallion with a plain back and stunning detail. Much smaller in size and weight than the AOS medallion and fits right in it's center. I have been frequently looking up Abraxas for months after finding out about then seeing the medallion here I started looking for information a lot more. The info is scarce but the fascination means something and I absolutely love this piece. Thank you for these healing tools.

  • 5
    Simply Stunning

    Posted by tracey Sinclair on Aug 17th 2016

    I absolutely love the medallion. It's high quality and well made. I was a little disappointed with the packaging, it was a little rough, if you know what I mean. However the merchandise inside arrived safe and sound, which I guess is the point.