The Body of Wealth Webinar: Learn How To Start Building Your Wealth Body (AUDIO ONLY DOWNLOAD)

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The Body of Wealth Webinar: Learn How To Start Building Your Wealth Body (AUDIO ONLY DOWNLOAD)


The human body has many different components. There is a wealth body that is composed of energies from different spirits, the gods, and elemental deities. These entities form a menagerie of forces that bring wealth and attract wealth from your life. If these entities are working in strong numbers and with a high degree of force, you will grow and elevate in wealth. Some people are Born into strong wealth bodies which are genetic by nature. Ancestral wealth of this nature is rare.


These people are lucky and their wealth transmit from one generation to another with ease. However most people are not born into strong wealth bodies or into genetic wealth. This webinar on the magical wealth body will teach you about the different aspects of this hidden form within your body and your aura. We will also outline tools and techniques to help you build a strong wealth body.


The wealth body is one of the most important components in your life and most people fail to develop it. As a God you will have a very strong wealth body. However as a human being your wealth body will be weak until somebody teaches you how to make it stronger. This webinar will teach you secret techniques to strengthen your wealth body and overcome ancestral tendencies toward poverty.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review