The Healing Spells MasterClass Webinar (AUDIO ONLY DOWNLOAD)

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The Healing Spells Masterclass Webinar (AUDIO ONLY DOWNLOAD)

How to Get the Most Out of Your Healing Spells Book


The Healing Spells Book is one of the most powerful magical healing texts ever written. Each of these spells draws upon a healing reservoir within the soul, DNA, or chakra centers within the body.  These centers allow each of us to heal the body on a daily basis.  As such, we only tap a very small percentage of this power.  We can use this power to heal ourselves, friends, family, and others in person or at a distance.  This book contains angelic healing spells, divine healing spells from the gods, elemental healing spells, solar healing spells, and Anthropos level healing spells.


Thousands of people all around the world have used this work successfully in many areas.  This Masterclass Webinar will help the user delve more deeply into the secrets of this now-classic text and learn how to use it more successfully. Each participant will receive a medallion empowered with special healing energy from the Master.  This energy will help to increase your energy in these endeavors. Only paid participants of the webinar will receive the medallion. This is your only opportunity to refine your magical healing skills under the guidance of a true spiritual Master. 


Price: $250


(No reviews yet) Write a Review