The Magical Vessel of Wealth, Health, and Prosperity

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The Magical Vessel of Wealth, Health, and Prosperity
Over 5000 years ago, The God Thoth wrote The Book of Life. In this text, he gave mortals instructions for living lives full of wealth, health, and harmonious prosperity. He wrote that mankind had lost its way and that this new book would help them find the path to joy, happiness, and prosperity while living in the physical world. The book was buried in an ancient temple was not found for many thousands of years. The book was stored in a magical vessel which absorbed the energy of the text. 
The magical vessel is over 13 feet long and contains a very sacred jewel and a magical seal. This new magical vessel that we now provide is an exact reproduction, although in a much smaller scale, of this magnificent work. All of the inscriptions, and magical symbols are included in this vessel. 
We have also included within the vessel 44 ancient seals. The seals were used by king Solomon in order to connect with the magic of the guards and the spirits that were summoned at that time. When used together, this magnificent vessel can help summon wealth, health, and prosperity to the new owner.  We will grant a one of a kind spell for the new owner that will allow them to summon great power for themselves and for their families. Simply place a picture on top of the vessel of up to three individuals that you would like to bless with this power. At the present time we only on one of these vessels, but we may be able to get at least one or two more in the future.
This power was formally only available to kings and monarchs. Now, we have made this available to our followers. 
Price: $7000 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review