The Master's Stone of The Six Realms (Only 4 Available)

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The Master's Stone of The Six Realms 

Master Gibson has traveled to many worlds as part of his spiritual and healing work to help others. During this work he has captured the notice of many angels, elementals, and celestial entities. As part of his work these entities have marked his soul with the signature of every world that he has visited. These worlds include Alfheim, Asgard, Ganden, Valhalla, Shamballa, and many solar worlds. In this way, he has successfully walked the path of his spiritual fathers.

We now offer a very unique Stone that will enable the owner to travel to six mystical realms visited by the Master. This Stone has been supernaturally  encoded with the same signature power given to The Master as a gift for his lifelong work of service. The owner will be given the passwords to access this energy and travel in these realms safely during dreams. Most of us are trapped repeating travel in the same few realms over and over during life. This Stone will unlock your dream and astral travel work from this prison. We only have 4 of these very special Master Stones prepared by The Master himself. They are difficult to create and are charged with hard earned power from the gods.

Price: $2000


(No reviews yet) Write a Review