The Medicine Buddha Book of Healing - (Free Excerpt)

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The Medicine Buddha Book of Healing - (Free Excerpt)
I am a Healing Buddha. I am an example of what we can do when we humbly open ourselves to our highest potential. When we question our potential, we close ourselves to its gifts. I have questioned my potential for too long. As doctors, we are taught to shut off our emotions, hide our spirituality, and treat our clients with as much objectivity as we can. We are taught nothing of the soul, grief, or sharing spiritual experiences. As such, we are cut off from some of the potential richness that life offers us. I embrace that richness and power now with joy.
This book is a text of healing spells that have never been released in this world before. The Medicine Buddha Book of Healing is a sharing of power. I have received much insight into the nature of the power stored within my being. I have written dozens of books based on these understandings. However, The Medicine Buddha Healing Book is the first offering based on my Buddha-nature. The Medicine Buddha Healing Spell Book is a brand new set of healing spells based on the power of The Buddha. It is one of my most powerful energies. When you use the book, you will be able to help others in a way that you could not before. Celestial healing entities, astral remedies, divine elixirs, and other never before seen healing modalities will be at your fingertips.  Join me in exploring this vast new world of healing via the energy of The Medicine Buddha.
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(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    Medicine of Buhda

    Posted by Betty on Oct 23rd 2020

    This is truly a blessing and gift from GOD almighty am really surprised how this healing spell here has healed me of chronic cold and back pain at least for the last six years plus I can bath with cold water without complain may GOD bless you master Gibson for this wonderful gift

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    Amazing Read

    Posted by Kevin Brinson on Oct 10th 2020

    Thank you for writing this amazing book. Looking forward to more item's from this company.

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    A Must Have Spiritual Tool

    Posted by Robert Campbell-Muhammad on Aug 12th 2020

    Master continue break the mode as far as Spiritual Master goes. He's always rising the bar for his student, The Medicine Buddha Book of Healing is a must have tool. It leaving the reader is state of ahh and allow the reader the option to seek more information on self healing. Great easy read you'll enjoy this FREE e-book from the Master.

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    The Medicine Buddha Book of Healing.

    Posted by KIRUBAKARAN RAJAGOPAL on Aug 12th 2020

    The Buddha Realm has exponently conferred upon the sufferring humanity a 'Panacea' of the impossible to alleviate 'dukkha' - (sadness) due to illnesses of the Samsara(birth wheel) for all creatures and to elevate Mankind even just. from only being a Bhodisattva to an eventual Bhuddhahood of Enlightenment too ! Let us partake this gift of healing that is readily available here and now from the very same Master Medicine Buddha himself who is none other than our Great Compassionate Beloved Pa , Dr.Mitchell Gibson who has walked this talk , centuries long before ! Now living in their midst we are indeed grateful and humbly take pride for such an Auspices of his along with Beloved Ma Acharya Kathy too in this timeline itself ! Long Live Their Utter Longevity and May the Blessings Be for the Betterment of Humanity and Earth !! God Bless !!