The Second Symphony Tablet

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The Symphony is composed of 41 separate pages of tablets. Each tablet is a separate entity. The symphony tablets have never left the celestial city. They are stored in a crystal crypt that floats near the throne of the Creator. Each day, the tablets manifest themselves in song in the minds of all sentient beings. The notes are blocked in the minds of all beings on the lower worlds because of their distance from the Light and their lack of awareness of the ability to translate the notes properly.


The Second Symphony allows the individual to evolve in spiritual power. Each note of the second symphony allows the individual to grow. All that is required is a focus of need and clarity. Focus upon something that you really need in this life. Focus on a time when you were desperately in need. Focus on the joy of overcoming that time in your life. Focus on being victorious. The notes from the second symphony will create power within you that will allow you to grow and evolve. You may use the power in any way that you choose. The power will grow within you and empower all the ideas and dreams within your life.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review