The Secret Art of Solar Rejuvenation Book

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The Secret Art of Solar Rejuvenation Book


The Secret Art of Solar Rejuvenation is the first book that I have ever written on the practice of taking in sunlight.  I have lectured extensively on the subject, but for the first time, I have decided to share the secrets that I learned from the Inner Masters on the art of solar rejuvenation.  These processes are life-changing and exceptionally difficult to find.  I had to go to an Archangel and a God to even get a glimpse. The Sun is the ultimate source of power and fertility in our world.  Many ancient texts and sages pointed to this fact over and over.


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    Excellent Book

    Posted by Cesar Arzu on May 25th 2019

    I’m currently a student of S.Ali Myers Spiritual accelerator program and he is teaching his students on how to Interact with the sun and he Recommend this book. Thank you Ali for the Recommendation and Dr.Mitchell Gibson for your Sharing with us this great information on the Sun.

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    A True Gem for Those Seeking the Truth of Our Universe

    Posted by Taylor Mesich on Nov 29th 2016

    As the sun warms our Earth each day and provides us with all we need, I knew there was something more to this great orb than what was common knowledge and taught in school. As a spiritual skeptic, I was hesitant to delve in or pay for books, but nevertheless the decision to purchase this book was one of the most beneficial in my life. After only a few months after reading and using the practices in this book did I notice concrete changes in myself I have never experienced before. I did better in school, developed better memory, required less sleep, and my moods increased greatly, to name a few. I felt lighter, charged, and the effects are still increasing since I started these practices 3 years ago. As I studied the book and other sources, I realized that the start of the answers I wanted to know about the sun were in this book, and these effects on my brain and body were not tricks of the mind, but the effects of science. The Secrets of Solar Rejuvenation includes complete professional references (in and out of text) as well as charts and graphs explaining in detail the enhancing of the body and mind through the sun as well as the sun's spiritual significance. I have realized that one must often search beyond the surface to find the deeper truths in life. This is no exception. This book is a shortcut to valuable information about the sun and our universe that have already been known for centuries, but blind to the public eye. Thank you Dr. Gibson for your hard work.

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    A Treasure

    Posted by Eve Rametta on Sep 5th 2016

    I have just finished reading The Secret Art Of Solar Rejuvenation. I now have a lot of work cut out for me to do, and am looking forward to the amazing possibilities ahead of me. I love having the book to refer back to and the tools to use for Solar Practices. THANK YOU MASTER