The Solar Tablet - Bodhisattva Level

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The Solar Tablet - Bodhisattva Level


The first set of solar tablets allow for the expansion of awareness of the solar form. The physical body, the ego, and the mind all fight the higher realities that surround us. The first tablets also empower solar consciousness. This consciousness allows us to become aware of the solar body and to interact with the other beings whose consciousness resonates with the energy of solar power. the dormant DNA of the body uses the energy of the tablet automatically. You may look at each tablet for only a few seconds and your higher mind will do the rest.


This is a book that reads you.


This book is not to be read as you would a book of words. Each tablet holds a key. This key connects the energy of higher consciousness, the soul, and the lower mind. Through this connection, the entire consciousness of the user will grow by leaps and bounds. Do not try to interpret the symbols that you see. They are also energy signatures. Allow the mind to absorb the energy. Your only task as the user is to open yourself to the power.


NOTE: This book has all of the spells in the Illuminated Level, plus higher level bonus spells.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


Price: $3,000.00




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1 Review

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    Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 28th 2016

    I received the tablet last night and I immediately opened up the box like it was Christmas. For me, that's what it feels like every time I receive something from Tybro. This tablet is really strong. Very strong energies emanating from it. I opened it and started reading, then started working with it. Amazing! I worked with the entire tablet from start to finish and by the time I was done there was so much energy running through me I couldn't sleep. I'm so grateful for these tablets and for the Masters making them available to us. Very powerful tools and mind blowing information. I would highly, highly recommend.

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