The Solar Talisman of God

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The Solar Talisman of God Medallion



The Talisman of God is the first item that I have offered that is entirely dedicated to the power of our Creator.  The image is quite complex and is seeded in an ancient amuletum with the spiritual function, according to The Liber Iuratus, allows the Initiate Seeker to gradually gain power over all the creatures of creation, except the Archangels.  That part of the power is reserved for those who can achieve the Blessed Vision of God and the Four Angels of His Holy Name. 

When you place this Talisman under your pillow, you will experience a Vision of the Creator.  You will also experience a Vision of The Angels, The Forces of Creation, and the energies that create the universe around you.  By reflecting light of the rising Sun off the front, you will experience Visions within the celestial world.  By reflecting light from the setting Sun off the back image, you will experience Visions of the Angels and the Celestial Deities. Connecting with the power of this Talisman requires time and patience.   This talisman is based on a centuries old design and has been used by some of the world's most talented and powerful Adepts.  Now for the first time, both aspects of its power are gathered together in one talisman.


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


Price: $350.00 


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    Powerful and conscious

    Posted by Anonymous on Jan 15th 2020

    I am still working on getting the blessed vision. But I will say I connected with the medallion enough that it seems 'calls' me when I leave my house with out. I only knew about this medallion because it came rto me in a dream. This is what compelled me to purchase it in the first place. My consciouness is definitely connected to it though it has some ways to go. I am blessed to recieve a healing ritual with this medallion in my dream state for a concern I had with a family member. The process of connecting to the medallion further is gradual; the small reveals that it discloses is nothing short of amazing when I think of it. It makes me appreciate more how incredibly powerful this medallion and the energy inside me really is.. still comprehending. I am forever grateful. Thank you Masters.