The Spiritual Cleansing Master Class (AUDIO ONLY DOWNLOAD)

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The Spiritual Cleansing Master Class (AUDIO ONLY DOWNLOAD)


The energy of our cleansings has become more powerful over the years. For more than 15 years, our clients have benefited from clearing their bodies, aura, and souls of negative entities. This process has largely been based on the recreation of an ancient Taoist procedure wherein you must burn talismans and soak the ashes in rice wine. Even though this process is effective, many people are hesitant to do it regularly for various reasons.

Our cleansings have evolved. Now, they are all based on advanced combinations of sound that clear the mind, body, and soul from various types of negative spiritual debris. Our newest cleansing goes to the next level of spiritual efficacy. It is called The Sigma Cleansing. This cleansing is the highest and most advanced cleansing ever conceived by our works. It works in eleven stages to clear the mind, body and soul of various problems that cause injury to the energy matrix of the body. When you realign and clear the energy matrix of your body, the system feels better and becomes more resistant to injury and decay.

The body is comprised of a large number of energy circuits that must remain aligned to various higher energies in the universe. When we lose that alignment, we cease to function at our best and decay sets into the body. Over time, this loss of alignment and decay causes a host of problems for the individual. That is why cleansings are very important.

The Spiritual Cleansing Master Class is a two-hour event that will show you the reasons why you need this work. The first hour will delve into the different types of energies that can get into your organs, chakras and aura. These entities are the true cause of financial, emotional, physical, and relationship problems. The second hour will explore the art of cleansing as practiced by The Masters. We offer some of the most advanced spiritual cleansing tools in the world. For the first time we will go into detail regarding what we consider to be our best and most effective cleansing tools.


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