The Symbols of Power (Sample)

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The Symbols of Power (Sample)
The Symbols of Power was one of our bestselling books. It was published in 2014. This is a free excerpt for our followers. 
The Symbols of Power allow us to download a portion of our power from the world of potential into the physical world.  
This connection creates energetic circuits of power that gradually increase your creative ability and force. With this 
increase comes the heightened ability to change your life, reprogram your body, and alter the forces that shape your 
existence so that, in time, you live consciously in two worlds: the world of potential and the world of physical matter.

This tandem reality is the way that we were meant to live. The Fall, as described by many of our religions, is really a 

description of our disconnection from the world of potential. 

Without access to tools like the Symbols of Power, we are totally cut off from the real world.  We live, work, and die 
in a world that was never meant to be our final home.  However, we forgot how to break the force field that separates
us from home.
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    Posted by vernita hamblin on Oct 23rd 2020


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    Symbols of Power - Excerpt

    Posted by KIRUBAKARAN RAJAGOPAL on Jul 31st 2020

    Moses symbolically waved the Rod and the Red Sea did part ! The Love for his people to get across without hindrance was his goal thence ! That Act was but only an external gesture by him in the moment but in exact Reality the True Power that was executed of the parting of that sea came about from an unheard of Siddha named 'Shri.Shiva Sena 'who articulated the'Power' from behind the scenes for Moses located in the forefront scenes as their Israelites leader ! This fact wasnt revealed in the Old Testament doesn't mean it didn't occur at all - as such secrets were to be hidden from the profane mundane ! (Can Corroborate this info.from the Archives of the Akashic Records of the Causal Plane and reconfirm it from the Atma Lok's 'Nida 'and' Mearp ' Regions too !) Such like is the connotation for this , from that of the two sides of the same coin i.e. 'Love and Power' ! Henceforth too, the Immense Love of the Creator is showered upon for Humanity in such a unique fashion via the Magnanimity of our Beloved Masters of the Times - Pa ' Dr.Shri.Mitchell Gibson and Ma' Acharya Shrimati.Kathy Gibson thru 'Tybro '!! This sampling is just only an iota of the untold Divine Might that an Aspirant has and can be able to tap to quicken or strengthen one's Spiritual Evolvement or Involution to even Greater Heights of Ascension in their Divine Journeys on the Infinite ! Hail The Masters & Gods, Siddhas,Angels,and Wizards for such Greater Gifts of Love and Power !! God Bless !!

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    We learn something new everydsy

    Posted by Eloise Kitt on Jul 28th 2020

    My inner being appreciate this guidance.

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    The Symbols of Power

    Posted by Robert Campbell-Muhammad on Jul 15th 2020

    This is one of the most profound reading I had ever read. Master as always drop some information that is so need in the time we're living now. Very Very powerful and to think it's free... That show you the love both the Masters have for the people.. Thank You Master Dr Mitchell Gibson

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    Symbols of Power Excerpt

    Posted by Kenya Vinson on Jul 15th 2020

    I appreciate the Masters for providing us with tools at every level. To be able to sample one of the higher level tools as you contemplate what your really big ticket purchase will be is a blessing. I love you Masters!!