Tybro Essentials - Solar Package

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Tybro Essentials - Solar Package


This package includes: 


Divine Solar Magic Book - $400


The concept of communicating with a celestial body as large and powerful as our Sun is a foreign notion to most.  In our solar work however, we have discovered that it is indeed possible to develop a personal relationship with the Sun. The Sun is 93 million miles away from the Earth, but it can instantly communicate with humans who display advanced levels of consciousness.  This communication takes the form of discrete and personal blinking patterns, audio responses, spinning, and movements in the sky. 

We have found that each of these communications are personal to the adept.  We can often tell simply by looking at the blinking pattern and listening to the audio response which adept elicited the response. The communication is that personal. We have over 1600 members in our Solar Rejuvenation group, but fewer than one third of the members have acquired a solar book or tool.

Divine Solar Magic is a new book that will teach budding solar practitioners how to properly communicate with the Sun.  This book also teaches you how to get the Sun to blink and respond to you personally. Thus far, we have had 28 verified cases of Solar Adepts achieving this phenomenal state of consciousness.  One Adept has been able to manifest five blinking Suns in the sky and video tape the even.  This book will also explain what each of the various solar manifestations mean and how to extend your solar work once you get the Sun to respond to you.  This book is a must have for the serious solar practitioner.  


Solaris: Drawing Sexual and Creative Energy From The Sun Book - $300


I began drawing energy down from the Sun in 1987.  I followed the instructions of my Father Thoth.  During this time, I used the energy from the Sun primarily to recharge myself and to fill my sexual batteries. I learned that sunlight could be stored inside the chakras like water in a vessel.  This energy could then be moved to different areas of the body in order to serve various purposes. I learned that sunlight could build a new vessel inside the human form.  I learned that sunlight could greatly enhance intelligence, creativity, and clairvoyant abilities. I learned to use these powers and as a result, my creative and spiritual powers grew. This is the secret to my ability to bring thousands of spiritual and artistic creations to the world. 

Sexual energy is one of the most important and powerful energies in the universe.  We only use a fraction of this power during life. We actually use most of that during sleep. We primarily use it for having sex, procreation, and masturbation.  The rest of it goes to waste.  In Solaris, I will teach you how to draw down sexual and creative energy from the Sun, store it in your chakras and dantien, and move it to various areas of your body where it may be elevated to higher purposes. 

Once elevated, sexual energy may be used to help you create powerful magic, art, sexual experiences, light body forms, and other purposes that my Father Thoth has taught me.  Solar sexual energy is useful for more than sex, but we have not been taught this.  These uses are the real reason solar practices have been banned by the authorities. 

Take this opportunity to learn these hidden practices and truly evolve yourself. We have never released solar sexual practices before. Now is the time to learn them.


Angels of Sanctification Solar Audio Attunement - $99.95


The Angels of Sanctification are the most holy and powerful of all the angels.  They carry the presence of The Creator into all the worlds and they represent his name.  They are the Angels Suriel, Phanuel, Michael, Metatron, and Zagzagael.  These angels have the complete authority and power to protect the user from all harm, injury, and negative force.

The Angels of Sanctification Solar Talisman of God contains the power and force of these divine beings and utilizes solar practices in order to connect with these Angels. This attunement is designed to be used with the talisman as a tool to further invoke the power of these angels. However, possession of the talisman is not necessary to feel the effects of this attunement. Listening to the Angels of Sanctification Solar Audio attunement while performing solar practices will help to amplify their effect. It will also help in the growth of your solar body of light and serve as a cleansing of negative karmic forces. 


Solar Video Attunements - $300


The Solar Video Attunements include some very special magically treated videos of the sun.  These videos are actual recordings of sunlight that have been altered by my own spiritual force and technology.  In ancient times, solar adepts could stop the sun in the sky for hours, make it spin and dance, and make it grow in size, all by sheer force of will.  These recordings are specially treated videos of the sun that are designed to help the user more easily absorb sunlight in the comfort and security of their own home. 

You may use the recordings at any time day or night.  You may use the recordings as often as you like.  The sunlight in the recordings has been specially treated so that it will not harm your eyes in any way. 

This is a major advance in the art of looking at the sun.  You no longer have to worry about not being able to see the sunrise or sunset due to climate, view obstruction, or schedule conflicts. This recording comes on a flash drive for your computer.


Angels of Sanctification Solar Talisman of God - $500


We have repurposed the design of the Angels of Sanctification Medallion 5.0 and combined its power with the blessings and power of the Solar Talisman of God. I did not fully understand the power of this medallion until I started to work with it in a new way. We receive hundreds of requests to make the AOS 5.0 available again. We also receive thousands of messages a year asking for solar tools and teachings.
The energy of the Archangel Gabriel is in many ways connected with the connection of the Creator’s energy to the human world. The design for the AOS 5.0 was presented to me by Archangel Gabriel in a dream several years ago. The medallion was a gift from the Creator to provide greater sanctification and protection for this world. The Talisman of God is the first item that I offered that was entirely dedicated to the power of our Creator. The celestial circuit in this design works with the soul power of the user and the divine power of the Creator that you are born with. It also boosts the power of the Angels of Sanctification to a level that I have not seen before, more in keeping with their celestial origins and birth power.
-Reflect the light of the rising Sun on the surface of the talisman and focus on each symbol for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This will activate the symbols and you will begin to experience Visions within the celestial world. 
-Reflect the light from the setting Sun on the surface of the talisman and focus on each symbol for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This will activate the symbols and you will begin to experience Visions of the Angels and the Celestial Deities.
-Reflect the light of the rising/setting Sun on the surface of the talisman and focus on the gold square at the bottom center of the medallion for 3 minutes. This will activate your solar body and your divine power.
After activating this talisman, place it under your pillow. You will begin to experience Visions of the Creator.  You will also experience a Visions of The Angels, The Forces of Creation, and the energies that create the universe around you. 
The power of the Angels of Sanctification will provide protection as you begin this solar journey. The Angels of Sanctification are of a high-level order of angels. According to the book of Jubilees, they were created on the first day, and are among the most holy beings in existence. The Book of Jubilees states that the angels of sanctification are one of two high orders, along with the Angels of Presence. The Principal angels of sanctification are Phanuel, St. Michael, Metatron, Zagzagael, and Suriel.
When these angels work together through this medallion:
  • They dissolve negative karma,
  • Build positive karmic forces within the body,
  • Heal negative events in the past and the future,
  • Helps humans begin new projects
  • Helps bring the wearer new ideas
  • Protects from hexes and curses,
  • Prevents attaching spirits from getting into the aura,
  • Removes demons, negative elementals, and other dark forces
  • Cleanse negative forces from the soul. (Level One Intensity)
Solar work requires time and patience. Now you have the power of several practices, the Archangel Gabriel, the Angels of Sanctification, and the Creator in one talisman.

Package Price: $750


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