Tybro Personal Aura Report (with Digital Copy)

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Tybro Personal Aura Report (with Digital Copy)  
The Human Energy Field (HEF), the Human Aura, is an energy field that surrounds human beings. Everyone has this energy field. It is a manifestation of energy, a luminous body, surrounding our physical body from all sides, from above and from below.  The aura is directly connected to the energy vortices of the body, the seven chakras. The colors of aura can be seen as originating from the chakras and then blending in, creating an egg-shaped field around the body.
Emerging scientific evidence from the field of Quantum Physics is showing us that we are all interconnected. We are not separate beings, we are individuated beings. This individuation occurs through the conditioning of society, through the old Newtonian perspective of reality and the dual nature of reality.
A human aura is typically a combination of different aura colors. However, there is usually a more dominant color that sticks out more than the others. Although a life color typically doesn’t change over the course of a person’s life, they may gain an additional, different color when they develop a new skill or personality trait. To determine what those colors in the photograph actually mean, here is a breakdown of all the aura color meanings:
A red aura means someone has an energetic, passionate, and fiery personality. They don’t like to follow instructions and will put their thoughts into action without hesitation. Red is associated with the root chakra, so having a red aura means a person’s root chakra is healthy and unblocked.
A yellow aura, or a gold aura, means someone is sunny, cheery, and charismatic. Anyone with a yellow aura is confident, strong, and empowered. They make friends everywhere they go because they are social and have a personality that attracts others. This color is associated with the solar plexus chakra, so anyone with a yellow aura has their solar plexus unblocked.
A purple aura, or a violet aura, represents sensitivity, intuition, and intelligence. It is associated with the third-eye chakra. Anyone with a purple aura or a violet aura may have psychic ability.
An orange aura represents creativity and sexual energy. These people learn from experience rather than from reading theories or essays. They prefer having hands-on experience in a subject. Orange is associated with the sacral chakra, so anyone with an orange aura has their sacral unblocked.
A green aura means someone is kind, compassionate, and forgiving. They have an open heart and are easily influenced by others since they choose to see the good in people. They also love music and nature. This color is associated with the heart chakra, which means anyone with a green chakra has their heart chakra unblocked. However, the green aura color meaning can also be negative.  Muddier shades of green can represent possessiveness and fear of not being loved.
A pink aura means someone is kind, compassionate, caring, and loving. They must be careful when it comes to setting boundaries because their sweet nature makes it easy for others to take advantage of them. Like a green aura, this color is associated with the heart chakra.
A blue aura, or an indigo aura, represents a powerful mind. They are insightful and wise. However, they need to be careful to ground themselves since they are daydreamers. This color is associated with the throat chakra.
A white aura means someone has a quick mind and a strong sense of connection to a higher power. However, they are perfectionists who are always nervous and worried. This aura is associated with the crown chakra.
A brown aura, or a tan aura, means a person is hard-working, grounded, and prefers working with their hands. However, this color can also represent greed and selfishness. It suggests a person is self-involved and highly opinionated.
A grey aura is uncommon. It represents negative emotions and negative energy. The color can indicate a lack of direction or confusion about where a person is headed in their life.
A turquoise aura means someone has strong communication skills. They are multi-taskers who are incredibly organized and are great at handling tough situations. Because they are so magnetic, they have a strong influence on others.
A black aura is a sign someone is exhausted or stressed. Although most people’s auras can have both positive and negative associations, this aura color meaning is entirely negative. This emotional imbalance is incredibly unhealthy. However, grounding or energy healing can help brighten the aura back up.
We have some of the most advanced aura equipment in the world. We can now show you your aura colors and the energy of your chakras. Your aura will evolve and progress as you do your spiritual work. We can now give you a 20-page report on the status of this most important part of your spiritual being.
Price: $149.95 (Print and Digital PDF)

Note: Aura reports are available by appointment only! Reports are given on-site at the Tybro Prima store. Please email following purchase to schedule appointment.  


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