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Everyone has a Magical Story

Posted by Acharya Kathy Gibson on

If I told you this book was one of the greatest magical books of all time and that If you take the pages of this book of mystery and place them down one next to the other to form a timeline, it would give you access to your past, present and future. Would you open the book? Would your curiosity be stirred enough to actually place the pages next to each other? Would you try to find a space big enough so you don't run out of room?

The greatest magical book is inside your mind. The pages are the layers of qlippah that prevent us from seeing the magnificence of this life. To access this book only takes the space of you sitting down and quieting your mind. The light of your divinity is stored in this place. Go seek it out. Your book is waiting to be discovered by you.

Acharya Kathy Gibson

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