Tablet Catalogue

Tablet Catalogue



The Order of the Red Dragon Tablet

The Order of the Red Dragon is one of the most powerful spiritual organizations in the universe.  It began over 70 billion years ago in the first multiverse that emerged from the mouth of the Demiurge. It is controlled by a group of Dragon Masters that sprang into being spontaneously from the creative forces of the universe.  Each Dragon Master has the power to take any shape that they choose, including that of the human form.  They live, work, breed, and coexist with humans as a ruling body. This book will cover the inception of the order, its organization, power structure, magical focus, and invocations. 




Manus Dei Tablet 

In order to use this book, you will not need any written words of instructions.  Many of the images are designed to guide you at the unconscious level, where real leaning and growth take place.  The outer world conscious mind learning system was designed by lower forces to distract and frustrate humans.  It also prevents them from reaching any meaningful plateaus of spiritual growth in any one lifetime.  Manus Dei helps the human mind grow and evolve in power and awareness through unconscious learning processes not available to the average person.  This is how God intervenes in normal human affairs in order to level the playing field.





The Luminous One - Augoeides Tablet

In this tablet, you will learn how to recognize the points in your life that will cause you to return and start over again and again. You will learn how to interact with your environment, lovers, friends, and family in more enlightened ways. You will learn to decipher solar code and deja vu experiences. You will learn how to use the sun to communicate with the Augoeides. You will for the first time learn to use your higher will to better control the suffering caused by your actions in each repeating life. You will also learn to use the hidden keys in your life that will help free you and secure your release from this prison.
Metaxis is a series of divine formulas that elevate and evolve consciousness so that we can use more of our divine force. The formulas were given to me by the Morai, the gods that control fate, destiny, and evolution.  They believe that those who are ready will recognize the magnitude of the gift. Metaxis does not consist of spells, incantations, or rituals.  It is something completely new.  Focusing on the metaxy formulas gradually helps you bring your divine frequency, and all of its octaves, into the world.  You will find yourself spontaneously attracting miracles, divine intuition, visions, healings, and clairvoyant phenomena into your life.  The process will happen no matter where you are in your spiritual work.  This is a gift from the Gods of the highest order. 
The Archangel Barakiel Celestial Tablet 
This tablet is the first of its type that we have ever released.  It is a direct condensation of celestial power and as such has very little English direction, very similar to Manus Dei and the Book of Leaves.  These very special images are empowered with the singular angelic language of The Archangel Barakiel which has no human translation. The power of the words is directly keyed to the actus region of the human soul and as such, it places miraculous occurrences in the lives of the owners as needed.  
The Medicine Buddha Tablet 
I have received much insight on the nature of the power stored within my being.  I have written dozens of books based on these understandings. However, The Medicine Buddha tablet is the first offering based on my Buddha nature.  The Medicine Buddha Healing Spell Book is a brand new set of healing spells based on the power of The Buddha. It is one of my most power energies.  
The Prometheus Tablet 

The science, art, and magic of human regeneration has grown by leaps and bounds over the last ten years. Only a handful of scientists and adepts know the full extent of the secrets that have been uncovered. Prometheus, the god of regeneration, brought fire to mankind as a blessing. We have been blessed once again with tremendous leaps forward in our search for longer healthier lives. You will not find these leaps on the local news, television, or in the press. They are hidden for a reason, until now. The Prometheus Tablet will give you information and secrets about the regeneration capacity of your own body that you never knew you had. This one of a kind gem is an amalgamation of my magical, scientific, and alchemical research on the secrets of real immortality. 




The Jade Emperor: The Royal Court Spells

The Royal Court Spells are granted by His Majesty and are the genesis of true growth and prosperity that flows into our lives. They channel his power into the world in secret and only those who discover these spells know the worth and magnitude of their power. The Deities in His Majesty’s Court work to extend His Power into the lives of commoners and royalty alike. 




Removing Attaching Spirits: The Master Edition 

This new work will fill in the gaps for removing hard to address spiritual attachments.  The Master Edition will examine the deeper nature of the process of attachment and the karmic laws that allow the process to take place. We will also release a plethora of new techniques that will allow the user to remove those hard to address djinn, elementals, demons, animals, human ghosts, relatives, and distant ancestors who feed on all of us.  This is the first text that we have ever released on the subject of attaching spirits and it is sure to be a classic.  




Dark Orders: The Battle For Your Mind 

The energy of the mind is a highly sought after fuel source.  The battle for this energy rages in ways that most people do not understand. This tablet fully outlines the details of the battle for your mind and how you can defend ‘the different levels of your consciousness energy from plunder.  Doing nothing leaves you wide open. We will discuss the names of the Dark Orders, their origins, goals, and modes of operation.  The Dark Orders tend to be better organized, better funded, and have a much more rigid hierarchy than the Orders of the Light. Understanding their workings and details of organization can help you see who is really controlling your life.




The Secrets of Astral Travel 

We have never taught the full use of the secret astral techniques, not even to the Lodge. This is the first time that we will offer these secret processes. With these secrets, you may travel throughout the known worlds and work with the Gods, Immortals, and The Holy Orders in a way never before possible. We travel the astral worlds freely in this way and we are able to do many things that we are not able to share with you. 




Oculus: Third Eye Mastery 

Oculus is a textbook that introduces you to the hidden reality of the third eye. Oculus also helps you learn to exercise, develop, and magnify the power of your third eye.  The third eye is a powerful psychic muscle that most people hardly ever develop.  In Oculus, we give you secrets to its development that are rare and unique.  The Order of the Red Dragon has sanctioned the release of these secrets at this time and we are happy to provide them to a world in need.  




The Ruby Tablet 

The Ruby Tablet was created by Djanthi-Thoth to help the human race overcome the errors that cause illness, suffering, and premature death.  The human body was designed to last much longer than it does.  The elements within The Ruby Tablet work with the spiritual and energetic elements of the DNA molecule in order to repair and elevate the information within the DNA.  After these changes are made, the DNA begins to work better, repair itself better, and becomes more resistant to the ravages of the negative forces that seek to destroy this fragile molecule.




The Gods of Luck 

This is the very first book to list the Gods of Luck and their proper incantations.  We present to you through this work only the Gods/Goddesses that bring good luck. If you take the time to work with all of them, you may well find one or more that will help you.  Up to this point in your life, think honestly about how deeply you have looked into expanding the force of luck in your life. 




Reincarnation and Ascension The Complete Rules 

In this text, you will not receive spells, sigils, or magic.  You will however be given a full set of rules and regulations that apply to the soul in the completion of the physical life and life in the next world.  You will also be given a way to fully assess your life and to determine what is likely to happen to you when you leave this world. Understanding how to improve your soul and live a better life in the present is key to ascension and evolution of the soul.  Your present living and soul condition is very similar to what you may expect in the next world. 




Aotava is a celestial word that means “raw spiritual power”. These texts will contain the highest level of ancient power that we have released.  They are representative of 100 hand picked articles of power that were formally stored in the highest and most powerful temples.  Before the temples were torn down, a number of members of the Order secreted them away for safe-keeping. These texts will contain the next highest level of ancient power that we have released.  They are representative of 50 hand picked articles of power that were formally stored in the Temple. They will also be signed and numbered. These texts contain specially empowered temple level plates that contain the ancient power of the high temple of the gods.  For the first time, you will be able to use this power in your home.
The Gods of Light 

In this very important work, we will give the details of how you devote yourself to a god/goddess of light.  We will also provide you with details of their names, domains, and most important prayers, invocations, and practices. With this information, you will be able to describe your service to The Gods of Light when faced with this important question.  You will be able to contact the god and form an important bond that will carry you forward with accelerated speed in your spiritual, emotional, and evolutionary growth.  My devotion and service to My Lord Thoth has been the impetus for my accelerated growth on this world.  You will now have the ability to form similar relationship with the god/goddess of your choice. 




The Jade Emperor: Greater Treasury Invocations 

The Jade Emperor is one of the greatest magician in the universe. Our first book on his magic is our greatest selling item of its kind. The Greater Treasury Invocations are designed to introduce the world to the magical power held within the treasuries of heaven. These invocations are ancient and powerful. The Jade Emperor rules over all wealth in the universe. These invocations are connected to the currents of power that rule the flow of wealth on the human scale, through companies small and large, and through the different levels of consciousness. These flows can become blocked and may prevent the movement of wealth energy into your life. Using these invocations, you may finally change your life in regard to this important area.





This book will give you a thorough listing of the major entities that cause illness and suffering.  It also gives the appropriate invocations, remedies, and energetic treatments necessary to eradicate the entities from the body, aura, and soul.  Most of us pick up these entities from the environment, other people, and family members.  Most of the time, they do not cause problems, but eventually as the body wears down, they strike and ultimately cause problems. Doxagrad gives an excellent history of the entities, physical descriptions, and methods for disposing of them.  Healers, magicians, shamans, spiritual counselors, and aspirants of many types will want to use this text as a reference manual and resource for treatment. When you know the specific cause of a problem, you can treat it more effectively.




Acceleratus: Accelerating the Development of the Body of Light 

Acceleratus is our most advanced and comprehensive tablet on maturing and accelerating the body of light.  It contains ancient Chinese Tzantzum Mountain hidden acceleration techniques and ancient Cathari techniques that have been hidden for hundreds of years.




Oxaldra: The Art of Prophecy 

Through Oxaldra, you will learn to look into your own future and the futures of your loved ones. I will also place a number of predictions regarding our world, the universe around us, and the abiding time lines close to our own that will cover the next twenty years. You will also learn about the true nature of time, predictions, and the hidden potential of your own clairvoyance.




The Temple of the Holy Elders 

The Temple of the Holy Elders watches over the particular growth and evolution of this world. They work with the Orders so that we might have a chance beyond what nature and hard work would provide. They also participate in the creation of the Protocols that influence our growth and development.  They work with our Creators in this way. The Temple of the Holy Elders will introduce you to this most powerful secret organization, their locations, members, and ways in which they can work with you.  Using their power, they can expand you greatly. 



The Solar Gods: The Solar Worlds 

There are a large number of solar gods.  They are benevolent and they like to work with humans. They are the source of much of the power wielded by The Order of the Red Dragon. Knowing how to invoke the solar gods, their gates, and the worlds that they rule is a high blessing previously only reserved for nobility, magi, and enlightened spiritual teachers.  For the first time we will give you a detailed glimpse into the higher worlds and the gods that rule them. These worlds are an extension of the consciousness and will of the gods and incarnating on these domains is a high honor. One only need to know the name of the gods, their invocations, and the name of the worlds that they rule in order to advance in consciousness. Even during physical life, visiting, invoking the power of, and developing a relationship with The Solar Gods is a high honor and rite of passage. 



The Book of Shields 

The Book of Shields is the first of its kind.  In the picture above, you are witnessing the physical appearance of psychic shielding.  Shields are not usually visible. This process protects the user from attack, disease, and other worldly forces that would seek to cause harm.  Shielding is an ancient art that is seldom taught to mortals. We see the process in movies, tv, books, and other venues that pretend fantasy and entertainment.  However, the art of building and using shields is an ancient process that dates back many thousands of years.  Magicians, angels, elementals, gods, and countless other entities use shield for many different purposes.  Shields may protect against aging, poverty, attack, loss of life, injury, loss of fertility, disease, and a host of other processes that one might not believe.



The God Program: Vhartgherorhitgabe

Vhartgherorhitgabe: The God Program is a book that gives you the key to unlocking the equation that is you. We are all the sum of a vast equation. Unlocking it is why we are here.  This book will also give you the connection between the God Program and the great divine world prayer known as The Miracle Prayer. It will also show you the inner formula for miracles that exists within your consciousness.




Somnium: The Book of Dreams 

For the first time, you will have access to the nest of spells that I use to help people with jobs, health, relationships, money, and a host of other issues during sleep. This is why we no longer do consults. The Dream Tablet will help you tap into the full power of sleep and dream magic. There is a place within the world of dreams called The Well of Caves that is my center of power in that domain. Many of these spells derive their power from the well. I will teach you how to use this energy for the first time. This tablet will enrich your sleep and dream power and magic in ways that you cannot imagine. We will reveal to you some of our secrets on the world of dreams. 



The Order of the Red Dragon: Secrets of the Order 

The Secrets of the Order is a one of a kind book. This work allows mortals to glimpse into the secret world of the Order.  The Order is organized into Inner, Outer, and Secret Chambers.  However, each of these castings is further divided into Lodges.  These Lodges are led by Beings of Great Power who are always on the lookout for humans with potential.  Each lodge has its own handshake, sigil, meeting house, and sign of recognition. A human knowing these is never truly alone and may contact the Order in meditation, visions, and in times of dire need, physically. In this work, you will learn how to determine when the Lodges are meeting, what their agenda is, and how to gain permission to participate.  

Spiritus: The Book of Breathings 


In the physical world, we have one breath, the breath of life. This breath empowers all the major functions in the body. There are other major breaths (breathings) that may be activated within the body. The Breath of The Gods activates the latent power of the Breath of The Gods hidden in your breath. The Breath of Isis rejuvenates the body and soul. The Breath of Letters actually ennobles and brings forth hidden layers of divine power from within the Light Domains of the mind. There are others. Your astral, physical, and celestial forms have been designed to breathe these special energies. No one ever taught you how. All humans breathe the same. It is the way that you are programmed.




The Herada Iktum 

The Herada Iktum teaches us how to use these tools.  With this book, you may learn how to generate a coherent beam of light with a pyramid that may be used to send information into the dome. This information can change your life, the life of those around you, and help to make this world a better place.  Through this communication, you can increase your spiritual power, expand your consciousness, and advance your spiritual evolution many fold.  The spells and material within the Herada Iktum work well with your other tools, such as the radiators, the accelerator, the tablets, and the medallions.  You will discover that using these spells with lasers and the pyramid will work wonders that are difficult to describe.



The Lord Ganesha Spells of Magic 

This is also the first book of power that Lord Ganesha has written for humans. As his Avatar, he has given me permission to write and convey this knowledge to mankind. Working with the combined magical power of Lord Thoth and Lord Ganesha in the form of a spell book will open magical doors for the aspirant.  There are over 60 spells in this book. They are keyed to the third eye, first chakra, and the cerebellar lobes.  The spells are designed to: Remove obstacles to success, Remove karmic blocks, Open doorways to expansion of consciousness known only to Lord Ganesha, Grant healing power given only by Lord Ganesha, Provide protection given by Lord Ganesha, Gain Lord Ganesha’s blessing for business, games of chance, family, relationships, health, and travel. 



The Solar Tablet 

The first set of solar tablets allow for the expansion of awareness of the solar form. The physical body, the ego, and the mind all fight the higher realities that surround us. The first tablets also empower solar consciousness. This consciousness allows us to become aware of the solar body and to interact with the other beings whose consciousness resonates with the energy of solar power. the dormant DNA of the body uses the energy of the tablet automatically. You may look at each tablet for only a few seconds and your higher mind will do the rest.




The Book of Leaves 

The Order of the Red Dragon has commissioned me to create a volume of The Book of Leave on earth. The Book of Leaves will download the energy of enlightenment, consciousness expansion, and divine power into the user. It is designed to be scanned and not read. There will be no English passages except for the introduction. As you explore the book of leaves, you will not be able to rely upon your conscious mind to guide you.  This is done on purpose.  The conscious mind is a cruel master and intentionally slows down the progress of our spiritual growth.  The Book of Leaves is organized in such a way that your conscious mind is taken out of the equation.  You will not know what each section does.



The Celestial Gods: Divine Spell Series (The Jade Emperor) 

The first book in this series will focus on spells that will allow the user to work with the power of The Jade Emperor.  The Jade Emperor is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He is the director and chairman of the Celestial Treasury and it is said that all forms of wealth pass through his hands.  He is very benevolent and kind. His power is available for us to use but we must avail ourselves of the correct spells.  This is the first time that humans will have access to the complete spell book of The Jade Emperor.  This book will allow you to work with the Jade Emperor directly for the first time to improve all aspects of your financial life.




Regnus Sancti Draconum 

Regnus Sancti Draconum is a rare and unique compilation of spells that will only be shared with a limited number of humans.  The spells are designed to call upon the power of dragons for healing, protections, celestial communication, prophecy, astral travel, wealth accumulation, weather control and protection in the afterlife.  Imagine having your own person Dragon for protection and empowerment.  Not many humans are ever given this chance.




Angel Summonings 

Angel Summonings is a book that was lost to the world thousands of years ago. The text is a translation of an angelic tongue that has not been used in this dimension. With this book, you can change the material, emotional, sexual, and mental aspects of your life with the help of angels who stand by to help you. After long centuries of suppression, they can now be with us again. There are over 50 separate Angel Summonings in this book. With this work, you can now bring new angelic light into your life.




The Solar Tablet: Illuminated Level 

For the first time in over 5000 years, Djanthi/Thoth has decided to give mankind access to the True Emerald Tablets. These tablets are designed to awaken the latent spiritual potential within the physical body, astral body (positive and negative), solar body of light, dream body, and celestial body of light. As the individual looks at the tablet, specific spiritual DNA sequences are turned on. These sequences expand the aperture of consciousness within the user and in in so doing, expand the locus of light within the mind. The dual expansion of consciousness establishes a network of illuminated beings that will establish a community of awakened human on earth. These humans have been part of the vision of Djanthi/Thoth for thousands of years.



The Golden Tablet

As the soul evolves, it changes, grows, and becomes more complex.  The Golden Tablet is the first tablet that is designed to help accelerate the growth and evolution of the soul gem itself.  Each page is separately programmed to evolve a specific section of the soul.  As the soul evolves, it has the capacity to more easily build vessels to carry consciousness, a body of immortal light, energies that propel the force of enlightenment into the body, and much more. 




The Black Tablet: Daemonium 

 The Daemonium Black Tablet is designed to help you defeat the evil that is the real reason you are stuck on this world.  Until you utterly defeat the evil that brings you into this world, you are destined to return here and suffer over and over.  This text contains tablets to help the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and preconscious mind blocks which affect anger, fear, and anxiety.  




The Angelus Tablet 

Angelus will allow a human to develop and bring to the surface the power of their angelic consciousness. There has never been a tool such as this available to humans. In order to complete this feat, the Gods have decreed that a new consciousness will be born that will empower humans to that angelic level. The Angelus Tablet will embody the consciousness of a great angelic being, Angelus. The consciousness of all sentient being is connected to the Angels. This connection is dormant and and unused in almost all humans.




Ars Immortalis 

Ars Immortalis Tablet teaches you how to decode the immortal broadcasts that dominate your thought.  Ars Immortalis is a vibrant, active, and powerful region of consciousness that holds a vital key to unlocking your spiritual growth and ascension.  With the right focus and attention on the tablet keys in the Ars Immortalis, you will greatly accelerate the growth of your consciousness. Ars Immortalis is material that will help you open to the immortal regions of your brain. If you use this work properly, you will witness the movement of eternity within yourself.



Symbols of Power 

The Symbols of Power book reveals for the first time the very energy patterns that emanate from the sun which sustain and balance all life and consciousness in the solar system.  These powerful patterns emanate light of many different varieties and are capable of creating miraculous changes in consciousness, diminishing the force of death, aging, illness, anxiety, and other destructive forces which affect our lives.



H. Solaris: The Birth of The New Solar Gods 

Races of Gods like the Asgardians, The Aasimar, The Olympians, and the Faerun are born into the world over long periods of time. At first, they appear as mortals with sparks of divine brilliance and power. However, they possess much more that remains hidden within their genes. Divine power tends to develop over time and requires much patience. A small number of each race, the Harbingers, develop more quickly and guide the others toward their destiny. Thus far you have only seen a small modicum of your potential. This new tablet will outline your full potential and power. It will show you how to bring out your immortal genes, how to live on sunlight, how to transform sunlight into physical objects, how to travel on sunbeams and much more. There are entire celestial realms reserved for the race that you have yet to discover that you may yet learn about.



The Order of the Red Dragon: The Astral Paths 

The Celestial Leaders of The Order of the Red Dragon control reality through the manipulation of these paths. Your astral path is your true destiny and the leaders download portions of it to you on a continual basis. The thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the perceptions you embrace are data packets downloaded from the astral paths into your senses. You are molded and shaped by these energies, but there is a secret to interacting with these paths that can bring you to full mastery over your life and bring you to the attention of the Gods. This is the secret that I discovered that brought me to the attention of Lord Djanthi Thoth, Lord Odin, The Buddha, and many others. I have never taught this secret access portal to the astral paths. This teaching will be my last tablet on The Order of The Red Dragon and will comprise my most powerful and important astral path magicks given me by the Order.

Rapid Soul Preparation

The question turned into a long conversation that I recorded into this tablet. This is the only record of this conversation that we have. It is the only publication that records a conversation that I had with the Creator about how to prepare and transform your soul into a vessel that can be admitted into Heaven. This process is detailed in this one if a kind tablet. The Creator has granted me permission to provide this work to mankind. He asked me to promise to place his True Name within the text.

The Sirler Kitabi: The Key to Rapid Enlightenment 

This book is designed to teach the user the necessary spells and incantations necessary to accelerate and deepen existing enlightenment and to help create the enlightened state in the soul in both the physical world and in the afterlife. These spells are designed to magically empower and guide the soul to higher domains. They are also designed to erase and mitigate negative karma and negative behavioral energy locked within the soul. These energies combine with the spells will create a better afterlife for the soul and help the individual rise and elevate in their degree of enlightenment. They also free the earthly soul from the body. The spells are designed to be used with breathing techniques which are fairly straightforward and information regarding the higher domains which we have never released. The book was written by the God Thoth for his initiates. This is the first time that we are going to release this information to the general public.



The Celestial Symbols of Light 

The Celestial Symbols of Light is comprised of a language that Djanthi-Thoth gave me. This language allows the user to speak directly to reality and make changes in the fabric of space time. The book is written in an advanced symbolic language, the Celestial language of Djanthi-Thoth. These symbols have enabled me to explore the use of spiritual power in ways that I have never shared. I have never released any of these symbols or talked about the power that they contain.



The Complete Dragon Calls 

The dragon calls are specifically a way for any human to call upon the power of the Dragons. I believe that we all have Dragons who watch over us and follow us. Most of the time these Dragons stay hidden until such time that a human can evolve and recognize their full potential. As such, most humans are sleeping and the Dragons sleep with them waiting for the time to enter into their dreams or even into the physical world around them to guide them and help them toward their highest evolution. 




The Words of Power: The Magical Races 

The Words of Power from The Magical Races will explore the basics of using these special words.  These explanations on the use of these words may not be found anywhere else in the world.  Mankind is held in shadow and confusion when it comes to the magic of the higher races.  For the first time, we will integrate a basic primer on the words of power with the use of the higher words from various magical races.  These words will seem familiar to many of you because in reality, all of you are descended from at least one magical race.  Humanity is only part of your ancestry.  When you learn and apply words from the magical races, you will unlock yet another aspect of your hidden potential.



The Rapid Deification Tablet 

Rapid Deification is the process by which the body is infused with divine energy in order to speed up the process of turning the body into a divinized vessel. Normally, this process requires thousands of years, but rapid deification reduces the time greatly. In this process the major organs, the minor organs, skin, nerves, muscles, and other tissues are filled with celestial spell fluid energy. These energies restore the divine state of the body and accelerate the realization of the spiritualized state. The body from that point on functions as a deity in the human world. Divine powers unfold faster. Divine senses unfold faster. Divine consciousness unfolds faster. The newly divinely realized body begins to restore itself to a higher state and you begin to function as a deity of light as you develop. We all have a God of Light and this tablet will bring that God of Light to the surface. 

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