DaCast Channel

The DaCast Channel will highlight New Teachings from Dr. Mitchell Gibson. In his position as a Spiritual Master, Dr. Gibson has written and created countless tablets and seminars that have changed the consciousness of those fortunate to hear and read his works.


This video channel will highlight information from those works and host the award winning television show called, "The Living Soul" TV Show. The Living Soul TV Show is an Engaging television talk show that features on-camera conversations between spiritual couple, Dr. Mitchell Gibson and his wife Kathy Gibson. The show covers a diverse range of topics including consciousness, spirituality, human evolution, the afterlife and the hidden mysteries of the human soul.


The Gibson’s bring more than 20 years of experience teaching spiritual seminars, workshops and presentations all over the world to a new television audience. Dr. Gibson and his wife recently completed the first presentation on higher consciousness at Carnegie Hall since 1926.




Click on this link to gain access to the DaCast Channel: