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Metaxis is the word used by Plato to describe the condition of “in-betweenness” that is one of the characteristics of being human. In particular, Plato applied it to spirituality, describing its location as being between the human and the divine. When I speak to the Gods, they are quick to point out my true condition, in that, I have achieved much during my life on earth, but that I am not one of them. I am Metaxis, in between.
At first this hurt my feelings because I still remember my life in the divine realm, but I also realize what I gave up coming here to help this domain. They are right, I am Metaxis, in between.  We all are to one degree or another. I have to accept this, but I strive to throw off this condition every day.
The state of metaxy is one of the most difficult paths in the world. We know enough about our condition to strive for better, but we don’t know enough to rise above it once and for all in a single lifetime.  Metaxis is a singular gift from the Gods.  There is a divine frequency inside the consciousness of our physical forms that strives to free itself from matter.  That frequency is 4.657hz.  You can’t hear it. You can’t speak it.  You can’t sing in a pitch that low.  It is the source of our divine force nevertheless.
 Metaxis is a series of divine formulas that elevate and evolve consciousness so that we can use more of our divine force. The formulas were given to me by the Morai, the gods that control fate, destiny, and evolution.  They believe that those who are ready will recognize the magnitude of the gift.
Metaxis does not consist of spells, incantations, or rituals.  It is something completely new.  Focusing on the metaxy formulas gradually helps you bring your divine frequency, and all of its octaves, into the world.  You will find yourself spontaneously attracting miracles, divine intuition, visions, healings, and clairvoyant phenomena into your life.  The process will happen no matter where you are in your spiritual work.  This is a gift from the Gods of the highest order. 
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    Posted by Jeannie Busalacchi on Oct 13th 2020

    Thank you Master for creating Metaxis, being in the “in between” is sometimes painful, for you know of your potential yet are living on earth. After doing the practices through one time, it became clear that I now have the tool to help create my immortality, one just need to continue with the practices in Metaxis. It also became clear that one of my gifts is “knowing”, I now need to harness that in and come from the place of my Divinity instead of humanity and Metaxis is the key. I encourage everyone to add this to their library and work with it, or should I say, have it work with you. Namaste