The Miracle Prayer  
I felt the change immediately mentally

Posted by Kourtney Carter on Sep 5th 2019

I love this product. I felt the change immediately. I felt the shifting occurring energetically in the back of my head. I kid you not. I would highly recommend it. I have been listening to it throughout my day when I feel the pull to do so. It has been extremely helpful and I am looking forward to using more of these tools to in my life on a consistent basis.
Conscious Mind Cleansing
Extremely Helpful!

Posted by Leigh Ann Phillips on Oct 7th 2018

I have recommended this audio recording to hundreds of clients. It has been a god send, and I use it myself a few times a week just for maintenance. Thank you for developing a product that actually helps let go of memories that have been forgotten.


The Celestial Gods: The Divine Spell Series - The Jade Emperor
First Class Game Changer!

Posted by D Solomon on Apr 20th 2018

I have experienced soo many miracles and changes to my financial situation since using this power book. It's a prize possession of mine now. Do the work. It really works. I have only been using this for 2 months!!!!

Daemonium: The Black Tablet
Love this tool

Posted by Unknown on Dec 7th 2016

I have suffered with bouts of depression since I was a child; they seem to come out of nowhere. Since using this beautiful tablet/book I feel I am able to keep the depression/down cycle/overwhelming anxiety from materializing. It's truly been an amazing and transformative tool for me I recommend it for anyone who deals with underlying anxiety/depression/angst on a daily basis-
How to Find Your Spiritual Parents and Building Your Spiritual Altar
Powerful and Informative

Posted by Rudy on Dec 19th 2017

Easy read with easy to follow spiritual tips as far as Altar Work and the Ancestors. Also helps with finding the Archetype of the deities that may be your spiritual parents. Great book to have. Thank you.


Destiny Pairs/Soul Mates: The Secrets
One of My Favorites

Posted by james power on Feb 2nd 2019

I absolutely love this book. Coach Khayr was so moved by its comments that he sent an image of the cover to my in-box. It was all I needed to see to know that it is a 'must have item'. The book is a powerful means of refocusing you. Upon reading it, you'll be moving toward your destiny with a more 'laser-like' precision.

It doesn't simply provide the keys to pairing you with Mr. or Mrs. Right, it does the more important work of providing you with the keys to pairing you with your destiny. "Destiny Pairs/Soul Mate Secrets" helps you to realize that once you're on that path, many doors will open to you.

I highly recommend it.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Posted by Unknown on Dec 7th 2016

I have been working with this book for just over 2 years now and I LOVE IT. I've grown and changed and have become stronger in so many ways using this practice. It's very unique and different. There is something about spiritual practices over fires under the night stars that is so familiar to me and so comforting - that I took to it right away. It's like having your own dimensional portal in your own back yard - a constant reminder that you are way more than just this body.....highly recommend

The First Darkness E-Book
A very insightful and educational read!

Posted by Unknown on Jan 20th 2020

I learned so much that I had not already known about the spiritual realm. I look forward to reading more from Dr. Gibson and hope he will release more educational tools in story form.

The Healing Spells Book
Healing Power

Posted by Jewel on Mar 12th 2019

Spiritually speaking, this is the first book that I have ever owned that gives detail instructions on how to heal. I now have a wealth of information that is priceless and I intend to use it for myself and others. Thank You!

Physician Heal Thyself

Posted by Michael Phoenix on Apr 24th 2017

This book was instrumental in recovering from a severe motorcycle accident. Was a pleasant surprise to find a series of spells that both applies to many situations, as well as empowers the healer with amplified healing energy. Any serious energy healing practitioner must have this invaluable asset in the tool box.

Book of Leaves
Tapping in so the unknown is known

Posted by Unknown on May 12th 2017

My words truly cannot write what I've experience from the book of leaves. You would have to experience it for yourself for it's more of an advancement of an individual on a soul level. It's a book you will alway look through, for you will be guided. For me it moved me up levels and consciousness beyond 5 life times. I was guided to this book by the name it's self " book of leaves". Thank u for sharing.

The AOS 8.0 Medallion 
Posted by Shirl "SHIRI Ji" Rhoades on Jul 31st 2019

This medallion has helped to empower my Presence and my prayers! It has aided in not only protection, but also manifestation. I highly recommend!

The Celestial Pendant
Posted by Candace on Jun 19th 2017
Helping me find more Joy. It has been a struggle for several years and this pendant has brought a feeling of hope.
The Feldrakan Bracelet
Great Protection

Posted by D.Dawkins on Sep 16th 2018

I was listening to the Master's on the radio, and a caller called in talking about her experience with the Feldrakan Necklace. When she got it she meditated with it, to try and connect with Feldrakan. She said she felt a heat on the back of her neck that was so hoottt! It was almost uncomfortable.
I thought this was amazing!! but maybe she had a personal connection with the Dragon. But, this happened to me!! When I got my bracelet, I felt such a hot sensation on the back of my neck; it was getting uncomfortable! And this was just a few hours after putting it on.
I've had this bracelet for over a year now. And I still feel that sensation from time to time. I take this everywhere, but especially on trips. It's such a casual tool, that everyone over looks it as something Spiritual. But, the Bracelet is just a all around cool product; purchasing the Feldrakan e-books helped me connect more to the Dragon. So, it's something I recommend when buying this product.

The Tybro Portable Altar

A convenient way to do spiritual work on the go

Posted by Angela Elizabeth on Jun 20th 2018

This is one of the best investments I’ve made to date! I finally made it along to put my spiritual work first before anything else happens in my day. For somebody who is constantly traveling this has been God-send. No matter where I’m at I can do altar & spiritual work, discreetly and conveniently. I feel the energy from The altar gives my “work” an added energetic boost as well. I even use it for other spiritual work at home that I don’t want to intermingle with my ancestral altars. Great product, Tybro inc. is the best hands down!