Angel Summonings

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Angel Summonings


There are hundreds of powerful angels that are hardly ever invoked on this world. At one time, mankind invoked the Angels as much as the Gods. The Ancient Angels of Power are different than regular Angels. They stay with you forever and serve you in life, in the afterlife, and into the next lifetimes. They are Immortal Servants and Guardians. Mankind has been stripped of the knowledge of their Presence. You have forgotten their Names and how to invoke them. It is now time to bring this knowledge back to you.

Angel Summonings is a book that was lost to the world thousands of years ago. The text is a translation of an angelic tongue that has not been used in this dimension. With this book, you can change the material, emotional, sexual, and mental aspects of your life with the help of angels who stand by to help you. After long centuries of suppression, they can now be with us again. There are over 50 separate Angel Summonings in this book. With this work, you can now bring new angelic light into your life.


This text will be different than any other tool you have ever had. It contains the proper sigils, mudras, and gnostra that are necessary to properly summon an angel. Most of the angelic houses and gnostra are not known to the human race. The birth of the Angelus has given angels a new consciousness and a way to interact with the lower races. In this text, you will be given the same tools that the ancient orders of this world use to communicate with them.


Dr. Gibson


Price: $2000


*Advanced text orders typically take 3-4 weeks to arrive, as they are ordered on demand*





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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Vidal on Mar 20th 2023

    Iv made Contact With Mirus..... now I am Not afraid of death nor anything at all belive me when I say iv been thru hell and back. So I told mirus to bring it on baby!! And Ohh she did! she said my name in the sexiest voice iv ever heard a full physical voice that manifested out of thine air and she altered my reality and have me a vision to for her. As for the wish I asked to be changed from male to female.. And I'm definitely changing its been two days and my skin is getting smoother I'm getting a girls butt and my whole body is shifting..she's even changing my hormone levels because I feel more like a women then a guy now.. and people are staring at me like I'm their deepest desire come true lol.. so yes thus book works period Master Gibson is the ? GOAT! Just be careful if you buy this book I would recommend you start with summoning the other angels before you summon ones like Mirus because the manifestations are for some too much to handle especially if their physical manifestation or voices out of thine air... other then that Good Luck on your journey if you get this book Ohh and don't forget the Hamburgers.... ( you get what I mean if you buy the book) Peace Out..

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    Be ready for a new journey!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 13th 2017

    It has been a pretty interesting experience for me with this book. I should not say it has ended for it is truly a journey. I have only scratched the surface of this book in the last 1 year and the more I do it, I realize that it is not a book I can finish anytime soon. I will write some specific experiences that I had with the book. Before I got this book, I used to think that if Angels are there, why don't they just help us? I was happy to see this book where I could summon an angel and ask for what I wanted. I read the whole book and selected a set of Angels I wanted to get started with. I felt I wanted to change, evolve and heal so I chose those angels (not giving out any spoilers here). I was absolutely baffled and shocked n my first few summoning. I did not know what is going inside me. But I slowly found out why Angels just don't help us. Because we do not want it, we do not expect it, we do not believe it, we do not know how to react to it. This is what was going on inside me. I realized how important it is to acknowledge, believe and be grateful when someone comes to help us. I was not used to an Angel coming to me and doing whatever I asked for. I don't know if I can become used to it. There is so much pain, suffering, struggle in this world that that is what we start expecting. What did help me is to the ask the Angel I am summoning to help me believe them, trust them and be grateful to them for what they are doign for me. I am hoping I will slowly be able to change my mindset to expect good things in my life. I believe I have started this journey with this book. This book is truly a gift to humanity from Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson. An opportunity for every human to think and experience beyond what they are used to.

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