Art By Mitchell Gibson

Art By Mitchell Gibson

Mitchell Gibson is an award winning artist, and member of the National Association of Fine Artists. Gibson's work has been exhibited at the Chosen Image Gallery, The Lucien Crump Art Gallery in Philadelphia, The Arizona State University Downtown Center Gallery, Gallery Q Tucson Arizona, The Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Agora Gallery in Soho New York, The African American Museum of Art in Deland Florida, The Deland International Fall Festival in Florida, The Art Scope Internet Visual Gallery, The AngelNet International Exhibition, and The Museum of Modern Art Paris.

He recently received the Jury Prize for Creativity in a competition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris, and his work is published in the Encyclopedia of Living Arts and New Art International listing of World Contemporary Modern Artists, and Miami International.

Gibson received the International Prize Michelangelo "The Genius of Italy". award on July 22th, 2023 at the Teatro Italia - Rome, to the presence of collectors, journalists, politicians and art lovers.

He was named artist of the week by Contemporary Art Collector magazine and was selected as One of The World’s Top Artists to watch in 2024 by the magazine. Gibson will be featured in a 2024 edition of Artist Closeup Contemporary Art Magazine.

Gibson began painting during his medical residency in 1987. He studied abstract and realistic art forms for over 20 years and he retired from the practice of medicine in 2005 in order to seriously pursue his art. Gibson has sold print and original art pieces to clients all over the world. Gibson displays a number of his original pieces at his private gallery in Greensboro, North Carolina.

This website serves as a digital gallery and personal narrative, inviting you to delve into Mitchell Gibson's artistic universe. Join him on a visual journey that transcends mere observation and becomes a shared experience. Feel free to explore the galleries, purchase any and all pieces that speak to you, and fill your space with the elevated vibration of these masterpieces. All pieces are 11” x 17” metal print wall art and have a float hanger for easy mounting.

Thank you for visiting and becoming part of Mitchell Gibson's artistic narrative. Your presence adds another layer to the intricate and ever-evolving canvas of his artistic expression.

Awards Won:

Museum of Modern Art Paris Jury Prize

Leornardo Davinci Art Prize

Michaelangelo Art Prize

Top Contemporary Artists to Watch 2024 Contemporary Art Curator Magazine

Artist of the Week' at Contemporary Art Collectors 

Van Gogh international Art Prize Nominee

Global Art Virtuoso Elite Artistic Achievement Award

Encyclopedia of Living Artists

New Art International Artist

ATIM's Top 60 Masters Awards 2024

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