Custom Spiritual Potential Radiator

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Custom Spiritual Potential Radiator 


The Custom Spiritual Potential Radiator is a combination of the spiritual potential reading, the advanced clairvoyant spiritual analysis, and celestial symbols from the gods. The custom radiator is based on your celestial birth chart. It will help to connect your terrestrial and celestial birth energies. 


Master Gibson will complete an advanced clairvoyant spiritual analysis and create a custom radiator that will help you to evolve in the areas that need to be developed. Some of the areas your radiator will affect are: 


Overall Level of Spiritual Development

Spiritual Goals and Aspirations

Psychic Ability and Potential 

Spiritual and Emotional Blocks

Light Body Development


We can also program your radiator to match the spiritual potential of a spiritual leader born with Delphi class potential, such as Nostradamus or Kathryn Kuhlman. You will be able to grow your potential to the levels of a spiritual Master.  





Following purchase, please submit a recent image of yourself, so Master Gibson can complete your spiritual analysis. Also, please submit your birth date, name, time, and location of birth, so we can complete an initial spiritual potential reading. 


The radiator is 24 x 36 in size. 


No discounts available. 


Price: $2500


(No reviews yet) Write a Review