Defense Against Dark Sorcerers Ward (20x20)

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Defense Against Dark Sorcerers Ward
The coronavirus is the spearhead of a grouping of energies aimed at causing panic, chaos, disease, and death in this world.  This energy was placed in motion by a grouping of dark sorcerers in the lower worlds to increase their populations in the underworld and to sew the seeds of further chaos in the human worlds.  They hope to foment war and dissension on a large scale as humans will ultimately fight to gain and protect resources.
The Defense Against Dark Sorcerers Ward is designed to specifically block the energy of the dark masters.  It is a sigil ward that we will create special for each person that orders it.   The Angels that carry out this protective function will guard the address it is placed in and everyone at that address.  In this way, an entire family or building may be protected.  You may place one metal ward on the premises in order to activate its power.  You may place additional copies on the premises as you wish to amplify its power.  The sigil ward acts to dissipate and dissolve the dark energy and will continue working until this energy storm has passed. 
This sigil ward was given to us by the Gods of Light.
This ward is made of metal. It is 20x20" 
*Photo provided not the actual ward*
Note: These wards are made to order, and will take roughly 2 weeks to be shipped.

Price: $1200

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