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The word Doxagrad is an ancient celestial angelic term that refers to a broad family of entities that cause disease and suffering in the worlds. The Doxagrad are the primary causes of all diseases, poverty, illness, and lack of evolution.  The Daemonium use the Doxagram as vectors for the destruction that they cause in the lower worlds. When they wish to kill a person, they will send in a Doxagrad to cause cancer, heart disease, or an infection. Depending on the amount of spiritual and magical force the individual holds, they will be able to use their immune systems in order to fight off the problem.  Those with low spiritual resources are most easily attacked and consumed by the Doxagrad. The Doxagrad feed on our suffering as a type of food.


This book will give you a thorough listing of the major entities that cause illness and suffering.  It also gives the appropriate invocations, remedies, and energetic treatments necessary to eradicate the entities from the body, aura, and soul.  Most of us pick up these entities from the environment, other people, and family members.  Most of the time, they do not cause problems, but eventually as the body wears down, they strike and ultimately cause problems.


Doxagrad gives an excellent history of the entities, physical descriptions, and methods for disposing of them.  Healers, magicians, shamans, spiritual counselors, and aspirants of many types will want to use this text as a reference manual and resource for treatment. When you know the specific cause of a problem, you can treat it more effectively.


There is no other book like this on the planet.


Dr. Gibson


Price: $1200


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2 Reviews

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    Posted by Shirl Rhoades on May 6th 2023

    Just wow! This sacred text allows for the healing of so much suffering. So honored to have this precious tool. Thank you Masters!

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    Doxagrad Tablet

    Posted by Gavrielle on Jun 16th 2022

    First off, I am always surprised when such amazing tools do not have reviews. I thought to myself before buying this tablet, I wish someone would share their thoughts or experience here. Doxagrad was another tablet recommended by Master to help elevate my spiritual growth and consciousness. This tablet is something everyone, including all healers, should have in their home and incorporate into their practices. It is fascinating to learn about the various spiritual pathogens that are here to wreak havoc and plague our earthly domain. However, if you don’t know what the issue is – how are you going to treat it? I was raised by a family of doctors who would always have a pill, antibiotic, treatment or what have you for any problem that could arise. Not until recently did I start making my own choices of wanting to find natural solutions and remedies vs the traditional medicine route. Doxagrad illustrates a myriad of health issues with the cures to treat them. Whether it be herbs or other specific treatments, you will be grateful to have the solution laid in front of you should you need it. After reading Doxagrad, I had an incredible dream about one of the pathogens. I was in a city environment and everyone was looking at the sun although it was night time. The sun kept coming lower and lower in the sky and soon I began witnessing these pathogens were crawling out of it. It was super intense but yet I felt so calm. I helped instruct people in the town and we shot our own sun back into the sky trying to knock out the toxic sun. It was a very interesting realization on how these entities are being released and dispersed. Nonetheless, I highly encourage you invest in this tablet to have a better understanding of the world around us and the ways to treat these pathogens.

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