High-Energy Personal Radiator - Regulus Star

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High-Energy Personal Radiator - Regulus Star 


The High-Energy Personal Radiator is a way for you to carry a radiator on your person. These radiators are pendants made of semi-gloss metal. They are silver plated and nickel free. The images of the radiators are embedded into the metal allowing for increased energy. Each personal radiator comes with a FREE Prima charge. The pendants also include a FREE 18" silver chain. Pendants are about 1x2" in size. 


Regulus is known as one of the four Royal Stars of the heavens, the other three being Aldebaran, Fomalhaut, and Antares. Regulus, in the constellation Leo, is the northern Royal Star. These four Royal Stars are considered to be sentinels watching over other stars and form a Fixed Cross in the heavens. The Regulus Personal Radiator helps the user connect with the deepest and most powerful love, heart consciousness and kingly/queenly power that exists within the soul. Wear it when you feel the need for more power and success in life.


These radiator pendants are made on demand and take about 2-3 weeks before shipment. 


Price: $199.99


*NOTE: Image in photo is not the actual radiator



(No reviews yet) Write a Review