Metaparables: The Collected Stories of the Master - E-Book

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METAPARABLES: The Collected Stories of the Master



Metaparables are stories that transcend time. Some are ancient and profound beyond reckoning. Some are rooted in hope and tragedy. Some are hosted by dragons and magicians from times that have never been human. These parables are teaching tools that unlock ancient and hidden levels of consciousness that most of us never use. The Master is a storyteller par excellence and these tales are drawn from dimensions both far and wide.


They are found scattered through his writings and for a time, they have been collected here for spiritual growth convenience. Read them once. Read them twice. Read them three times or more, and you are going to open the vaults of your imagination to worlds and possibilities that will inspire you over and over. This is an E-Book available for immediate download.


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2 Reviews

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    Great product

    Posted by Kevin Hunt on May 2nd 2021

    Good stories and they get to the point.

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    Great Stories

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 21st 2018

    I am grateful for this collection of stories, they really challenge your thinking

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