Red Lion Waters Package

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Red Lion Waters




Red Lion Waters are a new line of products at Tybro that allows people to have the power of the tablets in liquid form. These products come in a 2 ounce dropper bottle. The solution that is created within this bottle is charged with energy from specific tablets. Once a day, the user will apply one drop in two locations on their body. These locations are The Celestial Pool and The Celestial Five-Fold Confluence. These points are a part of a collection of points on the body known as The Windows to the Sky. They are further outlined in the book titled Solaris. A visual representation of these points will be included with the shipment of these bottles. These Waters are the newer, more powerful version of the Mystical Waters. They have been paired with Tablets that have increased their power 5X the energy of the Mystical Waters.


The package includes all 4 of the Red Lion Waters. 


This bottle of Red Lion Waters in for increasing your wealth by connecting you to the energy of the Lord of Heaven. This water is empowered with a Lord of Heaven Blessing Spell in the Jade Emperor Royal Courts Tablet. This spell emanates currents that may not be processed with our physical sight. Close your eyes and focus on the desires of your heart. In your mind, see the fruition of your desires coming to this reality. The Lords will feel the primal force of your wish and consider your request. They are especially fond of humans who pray to them daily and of those who are kind to others.


This bottle of Red Lion Waters is for increase your ability to bring out your Buddha nature. The water is charged with a spell in the Medicine Buddha Tablet. This spell is keyed to a Celestial Plant called w’riorn’r. This plant contains the hope and power of the Buddha’s healing force. It inspires the light of the Medicine Buddha within in the heart. It also pushes consciousness toward higher growth and achievement. W’riorn’r is one of the most powerful of all the medical plants created by the Medicine Buddha.


Celestial Light
This bottle of Red Lion Waters is for building your spiritual core. The water is charged from a spell in the Celestial Symbols of Light. The celestial level spell will change your Actus and your Prima to help build a better and more advanced soul inside your being. Try not to focus on anything in particular and let your mind wonder when working with this water. You are going to trust your subconscious to do the work for you on this one.


This bottle of Red Lion Waters is for advanced spiritual protection. The water is charged from a spell from Dark Orders: The Battle For Your Mind. The Nova Persei Program multiplies the energy of the angel Soueslir Pithe Mothe. He is an ancient friend and protector of the God Thoth. The program multiplies the energy of this very important protector over 100 times. When you use this water, the protection of this angel will surround you in a time of great need.


DO NOT ingest these waters.


Price: $299.95


NOTE: The introductory price of the Red Lion Waters Package is $299.95. This price will go up to $399.95 on August 1st!


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    ? Powerful

    Posted by Linton Long on Aug 21st 2023

    When I first saw these announced I got excited because I just had begun studying Alchemy again. I received them today so it's early for a review, but I felt surges of energy while rubbing them into my skin and feelings of peace and joy afterwards. These drops will now be a part of my daily practice. These are not to be ingested!!! but they do smell amazing lol. Thank you masters ?

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