Spiritus Deus: The Book of Supernatural Breathings

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Spiritus Deus

The Book of Supernatural Breathings


In the physical world, we have one breath, the breath of life. This breath empowers all the major functions in the body. There are other major breaths (breathings) that may be activated within the body. The Breath of The Gods activates the latent power of the Breath of The Gods hidden in your breath. The Breath of Isis rejuvenates the body and soul. The Breath of Letters actually ennobles and brings forth hidden layers of divine power from within the Light Domains of the mind. There are others. Your astral, physical, and celestial forms have been designed to breathe these special energies. No one ever taught you how. All humans breathe the same. It is the way that you are programmed.
There are many breathing programs hidden within your consciousness that have supernatural powers connected to their activation. The God Thoth teaches these procedures to worthy souls that pass the judgment on the other side. They are a major prerequisite to the attainment of godhood.
Spiritus Deus teaches you these prerequisite breathings and the master symbol body and hand spells that accompany them. The spells are very difficult and you must focus on the intricacy of the finger and hand movements while breathing in specific cadences if the powers are to emerge.  Only focus, discipline, and dedication will help you complete this work. None of these works are included in the first Book of Breathings.
We all have the genetic material of divinity and godhood buried within our DNA, and these very complex and intricate breathing spells, called the Spiritus Deus, will guide you on this path.
Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review