The Angels of Sanctification Solar Audio Attunement

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The Angels of Sanctification Solar Audio Attunement 


The Angels of Sanctification are the most holy and powerful of all the angels.  They carry the presence of The Creator into all the worlds and they represent his name.  They are the Angels Suriel, Phanuel, Michael, Metatron, and Zagzagael.  These angels have the complete authority and power to protect the user from all harm, injury, and negative force.


The Angels of Sanctification Solar Talisman of God contains the power and force of these divine beings and utilizes solar practices in order to connect with these Angels. This attunement is designed to be used with the talisman as a tool to further invoke the power of these angels. However, possession of the talisman is not necessary to feel the effects of this attunement. Listening to the Angels of Sanctification Solar Audio attunement while performing solar practices will help to amplify their effect. It will also help in the growth of your solar body of light and serve as a cleansing of negative karmic forces. 


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3 Reviews

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    Posted by Viki on Dec 7th 2023

    I am new to this audio attunement and was compelled guided to choose this Angels of Sanctification. First I listened through my headphones in a meditative state and immediately I started feeling tingles in my body, a lightness within, so comforting, so divine. I now play it in the background in the home for the whole family, for rejuvination and healing , it is truly remarkable. This is just the beginning.

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    Very soothing

    Posted by Karman Graham on Jan 16th 2023

    I bought a lot of things at once after hearing Dr. Gibson, I was so impressed and intrigued. This particular audio reminds me of a sound bath I used to do in LA and it really calms me. I love it. I have been obsessed with angels since I had a near death experience and I look forward to listening to this daily and seeing what other benefits it provides!

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    Awesome Uplifting

    Posted by Elsie on Dec 3rd 2021

    I love listening to this audio loud with its low humming and varying tones. I can feel the humming in my belly area (solar plexus) and the tones target my brain, brings me calm, balance and focus for my day. I have listened to this audio for quite some time now and just love it, especially that it also cleanses negative karmic forces. Thank you to ALL.

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