The Archaei Energy Radiator (10x15)

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The Archaei Energy Radiator
The Archaei are ancient entities that carry a variety of different types of magical information from the higher worlds into our own.  This information lies dormant within the body until we evolve enough to use it.  This power is carried within our electrical currents in the cells. We carry trillions of magical volts of power within the body that we almost never use. The vast majority of humans voluntarily restrict their use of this untapped reservoir of power due to religious, moral, emotional, or societal reasons. 
As a result, we forfeit our natural connection to the gods.  The Archaei continually communicate with us through our thoughts.  They seed our nervous systems with hundreds of thousands of thoughts and words of power each day.  We tend to ignore this connection but scientists have recently discovered that it is indeed our most important conscious thought process.  The Archaei use your body as a means of interacting with the physical world around them.  Each of us is in fact an extension of the gods in the physical world, controlled by the Archaei.
You cannot control any function in your body.  Digestion, breathing, blood circulation, thought, hormone secretion, and all the functions of life are controlled by the magical currents that flow around and within you. The Archaei provide all of the power for our magic.  They draw their power from the portals that continually open between our domain and the multiverse of dimensional energy pools that surround us. Trillions of volts of magical power flow all around us continually and we can tap into it using the power of thought and voice. 
The Archaei Energy Radiator gathers the energy of the dormant voltage and power spread over our domain by the Archaei and focuses it for our use.  Spells, incantations, and rituals work better when we have more of their energy at our disposal to empower them.  This radiator has some of the power of an Archaei stone, but in a condensed version.  These stones are rare and difficult to come by.  This radiator helps you take advantage of the energy of the Archaei.
The Archaei Energy Radiator comes in three sizes. The larger the surface area of the radiator, the more power it radiates.
Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson
Price: $1200 
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