The Asteronium Blanket Series - The Language of Light Blanket

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The Asteronium Blanket Series - The Language of Light Blanket


The Asteronium blankets are designed to assist you in dream travel. Each night, we travel to parallel dimensions of reality. We have homes there, families there, temples there,  and live out entire lifetimes there. For the most part, we are stuck in our dream states traveling to the same dimensions over and over again. Essentially, we’ve become prisoners in our own dream states. The Asteronium blanket series is designed to free your consciousness from the imprisonment placed upon you by our holographic programming. All one need do with each of these blankets is to place it on the bed while you sleep. You can place it over your body, or on top of your sheet or spread. The blanket will receive energy from other dimensions transmits it into your aura and assist you soul in higher dream travel. 


Language of Light Blanket

Lightening strikes the earth hundreds of thousands of times per day. The energy of lightening carries celestial currents which hold powerful magical energies from extra dimensional sources. These energies are entrapped by this blanket in a safe manner and are directed into the body. Sleeping under the energy of this blanket allows the soul to travel to the myriad worlds of extradimensional magical power. 


This blanket is 60 x 80 inches in size. It it a woven blanket. 


Price: $699.95 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review