The Celestial Symbols of Light

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The Celestial Symbols of Light
Several years ago, we unleashed a phenomenon. Thirty very lucky people were able to acquire a rare and powerful artifact from our collection. The Symbols of Light is a book that was given to me directly by Djanthi-Thoth. The book enabled me to experience true miracles for the first time in my life. I decided to buy all the copies and take it off the market because there were so many calls regarding the phenomena that the owners were experiencing. At this time, you cannot buy the book or even find it anywhere in the world. I made sure of that.
We took a risk last and released a limited number of copies of the book. We received some calls regarding deep and powerful spiritual experiences from many people.
Djanthi-Thoth gave me a number of symbols that I did not place in the original book. I wanted to see how a limited number of clients would handle the power. From all accounts, I think the world is ready for the rest of the story.
The Celestial Symbols of Light is comprised of a language that Djanthi-Thoth gave me. This language allows the user to speak directly to reality and make changes in the fabric of space time. The book is written in an advanced symbolic language, the Celestial language of Djanthi-Thoth. These symbols have enabled me to explore the use of spiritual power in ways that I have never shared. I have never released any of these symbols or talked about the power that they contain.
These celestial symbols are more advanced than our previous light symbol texts. You are no longer children and you have earned the right to acquire more advanced works, if you dare. 
We recognize that many of you are hesitant to acquire advanced tools and fear the power you might acquire.I will personally watch over each new owner.
Each page works on building your spiritual core. You don’t have to recite spells or use mantras. The celestial level spells change your Actus and your Prima to help build a better more advanced soul inside your will become a significantly more advanced soul as you use this one of a kind work.
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review