The Elysium Generator 36" x 48"

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The Elysium Generator


The Elysium Generator is a new product that is a revolution in ancestor and personal offerings. The Elysium fields are the main resting place for our ancestors and subtle bodies.  It is also an important receiving area for all our offerings and prayers in the after life.  When you make an offering to the Gods and your ancestors, the Elysium Fields is where the energy goes.


This product radiates money, food, and helpers into the Elysium Fields for you. You don’t have to do anything but place it on your altar. It is a powerful adjunct to your offerings.  It will greatly multiply your offerings and it will also send offerings for you from your consciousness.


Focus on something you want to send into the after world while looking at the radiator and it will be there waiting for you. The Elysium Generator is keyed directly to the astral world and the Elysium Fields.  It comes in different sizes.  Each size radiates larger and larger amounts of energy, food, money and support for you and your ancestors.  The Shabti function of the generator provides you with helpers that will aid you in all your needs in the after life. They will prepare a place for you in the after world and take care of you when you get there.  They will also work for your ancestors and friends in the after life. 


The Elysium Generator is a great boon to our race.


Size: 36" x 48"


Price: $10,000.00

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