The Enhanced Astral Travel Master Stone

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Enhanced Astral Travel Master Stone

Astral travel is one of the great secret methods of spiritual growth in the world. All of the meetings of the Holy Orders take place on the astral plane. The Gods use the astral planes almost exclusively in their travels. Dragons, The Immortals, High Elementals, and hosts of other very evolved entities use the astral body and the astral planes as their exclusive domain. Humans are confined to using the astral body almost exclusively within dreams and unconscious states. Ancient cultures believed that all existing human beings are composed of several layers. The names given to these bodies differ from one culture to another basing on religion and social value.


An out-of-body experience (OBE) and near-death experience (NDE) involves people leaving their bodies and hovering around like a spirit and a person can watch his/her body in bed, sometimes traveling far beyond it. OBEs are most likely to occur when you are asleep, meditating or practicing wake-induced lucid dream exercises. Astral projection goes beyond these mysterious and un-explainable abilities in a person.  The mystifying aspect when astral projecting is the unlimited exploration of distance, time and mass.


Astral travel can be a difficult practice to achieve. The Enhanced Astral Travel Stone is empowered to help you achieve astral travel more readily and easily. This stone will also help to enhance the practices you will learn in the Enhanced Astral Travel Master Class. The stone will come in a pouch. Place the pouch under your pillow while you sleep and allow the stone to work for you. You can also hold the stone in your right hand while meditating. 


Recommendations for astral travel:

1. I would recommend short trips at first, the house, your bedroom, the neighborhood etc.

2 Try not to look back at your body. This tends to pull you back rather quickly. 

3. Do not eat red meat, smoke, drink alcohol, or eat shellfish, asparagus, or pork for at least one week prior to astral travel. These energies not only make it difficult to leave the body, but if you do get out while these energies are in your body, you will visit some regions of the astral world best not visited.

4. Refraining from sexual activity, masturbation, or strenuous exercise for one week prior to astral travel also makes the process easier.


NOTE: We only have 10 of these stones. The stone is about one inch in size. 


Price: $2,000 



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