The Entrepreneur Radiator 24" x 36"

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The Entrepreneur Radiator 


My wife and I had a very enlightening conversation about evolution and growth. We realized that true growth requires two things, insights gained from honest self-analysis and power from the celestial world. Both items help one move from one level of reality to higher levels.
We realized that we constantly challenge ourselves and others with these principles, but that we have access to more power than most.

This power comes to us daily through ritual, prayer, and offerings to our Gods. True power is needed to climb out of the condition you are in into the next level, no matter where you are. The Entrepreneur Radiator was created as a vessel of divine light to help you cling higher. We all know that we just need a little help sometimes. This Radiator emanates pure divine light designated for one purpose, empowering your thoughts and actions to take you higher in life.  We have personally witnessed the power of this light and now we make it available to you. This energy will help you in your life.  The work must still be done, but a little extra power makes all the difference.

There are three sizes, each filled with proportionately more power:


                                              8" x 10"    Price: $300.00

                                             14" x 20"   Price: $500.00

                                             24" x 36"   Price: $1,000.00


These radiators are ordered per individual and takes 2 to 3 weeks to ship.


Price: $1,000.00


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