The Goddess Aegele Robe of Radiant Good Health

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The Goddess Aegele Robe of Radiant Good Health 
The Goddess Aegele is the Greek Goddess of radiant good health. Her name means "brightness" or "splendor," and comes from the beauty of  the human body when in good health, paying honor to the medical profession.  Her sisters are: Akeso (the Goddess of the healing process), Hygeia (the Goddess/personification of health, cleanliness, and sanitation), Iaso (the Goddess of recuperation from illness), and Panaceia (Goddess of the Universal Remedy). She is the daughter of the Goddess Epione ("soothing," "the gentle one").
This robe is designed to capture the rays of this goddess and radiate them into your body. The soothing energy calms, supports, and vigorously enhances your healing process.
Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson
Price: $2000

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XXS (32" - 34") 

XS (34" - 36")

S (36" - 38")

M (38" - 40")

L (40" - 42")

XL (42" - 44")

2XL (44" - 47") 

3XL (47" - 50") 




(No reviews yet) Write a Review