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The Goddess Fortuna was a major deity among the ancient Romans. In fact, she held charge of the fates of all humans in her early career. So imagine in ancient Rome - the fate of your fortune was known and even influenced by this goddess. With this kind of mindset, it's understandable why Fortuna was afforded the most luxurious kind of worship. Extravagant altars, celebrations and placations flowed from the community to Fortuna.  all in hopes to gain good fortune.

The Spell for The Goddess Fortuna invokes her goodness, blessing, and grace.  Repeat the spell when you need good fortune, a little more luck, or some extra luxury in your life.  The spell is ancient and has been repeated for centuries.  We enclose the entire spell here but the recording adds extra power.  

The Goddess Fortuna Good Luck and Blessing Invocation 

Oh Fortuna, Angel of Supply
Of all God's wealth from realms on high
Release Thy treasures from the Sun
And now bestow on everyone
Whose heart beats one with God's own Light
The power to draw from heaven's height

Abundance to expand the plan
The Masters hold for every man.
Attune our consciousness with Thee
Expand our vision now to see
That opulence is meant for all
Who look to God and make the call

We now demand, we do command
Abundant manna from God's hand
That now below as is Above
All mankind shall express God's Love.

Bona Fortuna hear my verse
Gold and silver fill my purse
By all the powers of the earth and sea
By all the powers of moon and sun

As I will so mote it be

Chant the spell and it is done

Chant the spell and it is done

Chant the spell and it is done


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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2 Reviews

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    Goddess Fortuna Audio

    Posted by Beth P on Oct 28th 2023

    In a previous ‘Mitch & Kathy’ Radio show a few years back, Master Gibson touched on utilising this tool with the Karma Correction Tablet he gave out for free in the past. The combination of these two tools utilised on a daily basis helps to clear karma and attract wealth to you without the blockages karma usually provides. Also, this audio is just beautiful and something that you can just enjoy listening to. Thank you to Master Gibson, Acharya, the Tybro family and goddess Fortuna for providing such impactful tools at a very reasonable price. I thank you, and whatever wealth comes my way, I’ll be sure to share it with you!

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    Great audio download

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 6th 2019

    Glad to purchase this audio download.

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