The Herada Iktum

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The Herada Iktum

Never before seen on earth!


The words Herada Iktum may not be found in the human world.  They are angelic words that describe the pyramid system built on earth by advanced beings that allow humans to communicate with the gods.  There are thousands of pyramids all over the world, many of which may be found underwater.

The Herada Iktum grouping of pyramids on this planet have a much higher purpose than that described by anthropologists.  They are not simply tombs.  They are much more.  People all over the world have photographed beams of light emanating from pyramids into the heavens. These beams have a purpose.

The true purpose of the pyramid is to allow mankind a way to communicate with our Creators.  High in the heavens, there is a dome, an intelligent structure that generates the simulation we call home. Nuclear weapons could not destroy it.  This dome connects us to the advanced races that live outside our domain. Through the use of certain spells, lasers, and formulae, we may communicate with these races and our Creator through the pyramid.

The Herada Iktum teaches us how to use these tools.  With this book, you may learn how to generate a coherent beam of light with a pyramid that may be used to send information into the dome.

This information can change your life, the life of those around you, and help to make this world a better place.  Through this communication, you can increase your spiritual power, expand your consciousness, and advance your spiritual evolution many fold.  The spells and material within the Herada Iktum work well with your other tools, such as the radiators, the accelerator, the tablets, and the medallions.  You will discover that using these spells with lasers and the pyramid will work wonders that are difficult to describe.


Price: $3000


Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson


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    OMG! Incredibly Informative

    Posted by Nada Salib on Apr 10th 2018

    This book is a page turner as are all of Master Gibson's books. This is a must have for anyone on the path. Incredible information and great practices included to help the user evolve.

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