The Ken Wa Fu Radiator (4x4)

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The Ken Wa Fu Radiator (4x4) 


The Art of Ken Wa Fu is an ancient spiritual discipline that allows an individual to learn how to communicate with the forces of creation, gather the celestial power of these entities, and use it within a structured format to create the things that you desire. Through the Art of Ken Wa Fu, you can learn to create a stream of energy that flows within your life that has the power to help you attract whatever you desire. The gods of creation are all around us, but we mostly ignore them. Most of us have been taught to focus our spiritual power into the ritual of the church, meditation, work, and limited prayer.


We have been taught to look away from the gods of creation and the power of ritual as it is used in creating wealth and power. Most of the people who have tried ritual and magic have done so in a piecemeal fashion. This approach tends to give limited results. Following a structured and time-honored magical tradition that has produced results for centuries makes all the difference. The Art of Ken Wa Fu is such a tradition. As you learn the secrets of this Path, you will be asked to remember one thing: Magic is beyond logic and science as we know it.


The results that we can obtain with the art of magic are beyond the laws of science and physics. Science is a very young way of looking at the universe. The Ken Wa Fu radiator generates three strong magical currents that provide the enhanced forces of health, harmony and prosperity. The radiator comes in three separate sizes, 4x4, 10x10, and 20x20 inches. Each size provides progressively more power. Place the radiator on the wall near your altar or prayer space for best use of the force. 


Note: The image shown is not that of the radiator you will receive. 


Price: $300 




(No reviews yet) Write a Review